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…left her body on 31st December 2017.

Archan with meditator
Archan with Baba

Purushottama writes:

Mahasattva Ma Prem Archan left her body at the age of 87. Those of you who were at Rajneeshpuram will remember Archan most notably as the Post Mistress. She also served on the city council for the City of Rajneeshpuram.

She came to the Ranch with her husband, Swami Anupam, who later designed the crematorium. Beginning in the 90’s, Archan and Anupam ran Osho centers from wherever they lived; first in the Chicago area and then later in several California locations.

Archan had returned for her third trip to India to spend time with Baba Purnanand. She is to be cremated in the Himalayas.

In the last few days of her life, Archan had gone through a lot of physical processes and her fragile body had gone through pain. She had a heart issue; when she went to the bathroom, it is likely that she felt week, sat down and eventually lied down on her back with hands placed on her heart. She was with Namra, an old disciple of Osho and Baba. Namra decided to stay behind to help Archan at Aurovalley, while all others returned to Baba’s ashram in Gujarat.

Her overflowing love touched so many!

Padma writes:

Our beloved Ma Archan was sent to us by Existence/Osho to train us for our expedition to the inner journey. She provided us tools and placed us in appropriate camps with fellow warriors to retain our focus. This battalion became her immediate family.

Archan was available for all those who expressed interest in Osho at whatever level they needed, by making tapes, lending books, answering questions based on her understanding. She also mentioned how her understanding grew with every question that we posed. She demonstrated everything that she taught us. She fondly shared her experiences at Rajeneeshpuram on Facebook and in conversations. Many of us enjoyed being in her presence.

After her husband, Anupam, passed away in March 2017, she spent every day in silence listening to Osho. She joined the Gurupurnima Celebration with Baba in Apple Valley in July and danced like a child, showering her love to everyone. She wanted to travel one last time to India and arrived in New Delhi, on November 21. She arrived at Aurovalley to be with Baba who came to spend time with his western disciples. When she arrived at Aurovalley, she met Namra and Sambara who were with her at Rajaneeshpuram. Baba had to return to his hometown due to health reasons and requested that all the westerners return to his ashram in Gujurat. Archan decided to stay at Aurovalley and Namra stayed behind to help Archan.

Archan completed her journey beautifully by showering her light and love to the seekers in the ashram. Existence opened the door for her after her favorite last meal, Palak Paneer, on December 31, 2017. All is ONE!

Archan’s wisdom was “Meditate regularly, listen to Osho, read Osho, watch Osho and live Osho. Have strength and trust Existence.”

She very much wanted to leave her body in India, and in the Himalayas, and existence fulfilled her wish.

Namra writes:

I met Archan at the Meditation Camp of Baba Purnanand in November 2017 at Aurovalley Ashram near Rishikesh. This ashram is a beautiful quiet place, situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, near the Ganges and the Rajaji National Park. Harmonious buildings are placed in natural surroundings with many trees, flowers, birds, cows, deer, peacocks and other wildlife nearby. Aurovalley Ashram is an experimental place for human growth, dedicated to the Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

After Baba’s Meditation Camp we both stayed on. Archan felt the positive vibrations here from the start and said that this was her home. Swamiji, spiritual head of Aurovalley Ashram, welcomed her warmly and did everything to make her feel comfortable.

Initially, barely being able to walk with a cane and some support, Archan became stronger and after some time explored the ashram and surroundings, walking around alone and enjoying her independence. Her body was sometimes in pain, but her being was happy and playful like a child. Archan was cheerful, smiling, singing, hugging people and sometimes even dancing at the evening fires. She shared love with everybody and was loved and adored by all. Archan enjoyed reading and was always surrounded by many books from the big library. She was also very determined and pushing on with her inner work, participating in the satsangs of Swamij, spending long hours meditating in the beautiful Meditation Mandir, praying and letting go.

What started out as my caretaking of Archan developed into a deep friendship, very playful, with much laughter; drinking tea and talking about many worldly and spiritual things. I loved every minute of it and felt that in fact Archan was the one taking care of me, being my mentor and showing me how to live. She never wanted to leave from here, and in a way, this is what happened.

Her beloved children, Gail and Don, respectfully supported her longtime wish to be cremated in the Himalayas. Archan had a beautiful traditional Cremation Ceremony in Rishikesh on January 1, 2018.The following day, her ashes were immersed in the Ganges.

I feel immensely blessed by my connection with Archan. She will be with me forever in my heart.

Amano Saddhen sent us this on June 23: Soon after my beloved friend left her body I compiled this selection of her Facebook messenger posts to her friends…

October 25, 2016
It is wonderful knowing I am only talking to a few people. You are so much in my heart; it is as if I am just with you. Gratitude rising high today as reading Osho I realized how wide the divide between knowing what he is saying, and only believing it. The stage is set, the actors awaiting their cues. The body they call Archan is there, standing, waiting for directions. She has no script.

November 2, 2016
There is The Watcher, the Buddha. Then one day there is no watcher/Buddha. There is ALL OR NOTHING. And the flowers shower.

November 7, 2016
With the specter of death around now I lay in my bed and asked the Universe to show me death. Immediately, everything in the room including my body suddenly became a swirling cyclone of energy, nothing remained as it was, no substance anywhere, only this immense whirlwind and I knew in that moment that nothing is born and nothing dies because nothing IS. Only one thing remained still in that hailstorm, only one silent, quiet stillness: that which saw and understood. And my friends, as there is no Archan, not even a skeleton, but only a perception of one, let us all rejoice that there is also no such person as Donald Trump!

November 17, 2016
This passage from Swami Rama’s book on Karma I happened to read the night Trump won: Coincidence?
“Understand the meaning of life. To be a human being man must understand the purpose of life. That purpose is liberation. Liberation can only be achieved through non-attachment. Any disappointment in life can lead to liberation. Whatever gives you pain can also bring liberating knowledge. In life we must learn to transform all things which give us pain or pleasure: we must learn to use them to help us in our spiritual progress and not be disturbed by them.”

December 8, 2016
When Kaveesha was dying she said, “This if fun.” I couldn’t imagine what she could be feeling. But now I know because getting really, really old is a whole LOT of fun. Anupam and I laugh more than we have in all of our lives. The body does funny things as it ages and if you are dis-identified with it you can just watch how ridiculous it can be. It refuses to obey commands, won’t listen to the brain at all and tries to do what it absolutely can no longer do. It staggers around, fumbles with small things and just generally acts like one of the three stooges. It has forgotten simple commands like “hold it” and “wait, be patient.” It falls down and doesn’t know how to get itself up. I could name a thousand ways it behaves crazily and all are fun to watch.

December 9, 2016
This afternoon while I was struggling to finish housekeeping chores I felt so tired I thought this can’t go on. Then in the exact same second as that thought came, another came: “This is Osho’s house, it must be clean for him.” And in that very instant a wave of joy and energy filled my whole being and I quickly, easily, incredibly happily finished all my chores. So very filled with love for our master at this moment. Truly he lives in our houses as in our hearts. Love to any who listen to my foolishness.

December 13, 2016
On December 11th I reflected again on how beautiful it was to finally realize exactly why Osho did not want us to celebrate his birthday or death day any more. At first I thought it was because he didn’t want us to idolize him, make him a God figure. But then I came to see that the reason was far, far deeper than that. What Osho wanted for us all to see was that we are NOT the body as he is not. How can we have a birthday celebration for him when he was never born. Never born, never died. NEVER BORN, NEVER DIED. When I finally realized that I found that now I celebrate every second of every day for not what he gave me. I already had that, inborn. What I celebrate with all my being is what he took away from me. And every second of every day is HIS birthday and mine and yours!

January 26, 2017
So often I feel a rising gratitude to Osho for the things he taught me that were not “spiritual” so much as practical. His teaching was as much about learning to live a stress-free life as about enlightenment. I am remembering clearly how I felt when he said it would greatly benefit us in many ways to find out what our “major flaw”, or characteristic was. I was dumbfounded, having no idea what my major flaw was. But my rule was always to follow his advice so I tried. I discovered it by the simple process of elimination. I was sometimes greedy, but not always, sometimes jealous, but not always, sometimes selfish but not always, and so on down the list I went until I came to impatient. There it was plain as day. The one thing I ALWAYS was — impatient. Impatience ruled my life, wrecked friendships and family ties drove me to do and say terrible things. Today, taking care of a very old and very slow love I am constantly grateful that Osho showed me that I had to work on that flaw until it was gone. I could not do what I do today had he not shown me the way.

February 11, 2017
Osho tried so many devices to get us to be in the now. Trying to stop us from trying to make the world better and concentrate on ourselves. And we had no idea what he meant when he said, “When you change, the world changes.” I, in my ego, thought he meant that we would be so spiritually powerful that we would exert influence over the whole world. Oh dear. The whole world does change, but not in any way we could then imagine. The world changes in our eyes — eyes that are now God’s eyes. The first words Osho ever said to me were: “Are you enjoying the play, Archan?” He was planting the seed for me to realize it was all a play, nothing real happening there. Nothing real happening anywhere when one sees through the eyes of god. We are the world when we can see reality, when we are in the moment of no time and no space.

February 28, 2017
Today is our wedding anniversary, mine and Anupam’s. Not a day we particularly notice as we have had a bunch of them. But one stands out and will never be forgotten. It was February when the ranch was still the Big Muddy and not much there but gullies and washed-out roads and mud, mud, mud. Anupam and I had been asked to come and live at the ranch and we had gone up with a good deal of fear to check it out. We both had really, really good jobs and a flourishing center. We got there, slept on the floor of a new trailer and listened to the rain all night and the next day. Finally, we put on our raincoats and went out to stand next to the road, having been told that Osho might be coming out. We were freezing and wondering what on earth we were doing in this godforsaken place. Then Osho drove up to us. He stopped, smiled at us, and when he drove away we stood there laughing like idiots in that wonderful place that was no longer godforsaken. It was our anniversary and the first day of a new life. We knew we would never leave this man, and we never have.

March 24, 2017
Yesterday evening Swami Anupam peacefully left his body. We were lying side by side, breathing together in perfect harmony, holding hands, listening to the discourse, from A Sudden Clash of Thunder. An hour or so into the discourse I noticed that I had paused in my breathing. I looked at Anupam and I realized he had drawn his last breath. Sannyasin friends came quickly and we sat by his side until the hospice nurse arrived. We will celebrate his deliverance when Baba comes next month. Nupe was a few weeks shy of 91.

March 28, 2017
Nothing has happened. The seed grows into the stem, the stem buds, the bloom comes, the rose withers. But nothing has happened to the rose.
The sea is froth with waves, but far beneath not a ripple stirs. I live there now, in that deep calm sea. I see that things seem to be going on, but I know, I know, that nothing is really happening. It is so clear. Nothing to mourn in birth, nothing to celebrate in death, for nothing has happened. Now I know.

March 31, 2017
Sometimes this world of Osho we live in is so unbelievable I can’t do anything but laugh out loud. I was desperate for some guidance the last few days and last night in pure trust I went to the shelves I have of Osho discourses, shut my eyes and picked one. If you have ever seen or heard The Rebel, chapter 3, you may realize my absolute joy in hearing it. Of course, it is about death, acceptance, recognizing where you are on the path and all the other things I needed clarity about. A miracle. I mean, who thinks about The Rebel? I would never have thought to choose it, but there it was in my hand, the very series, the very chapter I so deeply needed. Oh, Osho, Osho, Osho. You are still so very, very with us. I love you!!!

June 17, 2017
I am nearly 87 years old and people ask me how I can be so happy when I must be conscious that every second brings me closer to death. I am keenly aware that every second brings my body closer to death, but that is only HALF of it. At the same moment I am also keenly aware that every second I am being newly BORN! Yes, the body dies, but I am born anew. Being aware of both of these truths in the exact same second puts me always in the now. And that now brings incredible joy. Yes, it is dying and I am being born. How can I not be in a state of joy. for that instant, my beloveds, that instant of recognition of both birth and death is every moment. Every moment.

July 15, 2017
I have no idea how one goes about taking one of those “selfie” pictures even if I had a camera with which to take one. But I sure do have a lot of wonderful friends who waste their film on me! Your love shown to me brings me such joy. Every time a picture arrives on this page I get goose bumps and a belly full of pure joy. You are all so beautiful and my gratitude for your thoughtfulness is endless. These days every cell in my body sings with ecstasy. Existence — how great thou art!

July 30, 2017
Osho stresses having no desires so often and I always thought I understood why. I didn’t. I thought it was just about not being attached or just being surrendered to “what is.” And it is about those things but there is much more. I have discovered in my own life that even if I only sort of desire something, like ordering a used dress off ebay and wanting it to be pretty. Even that seemingly harmless desire is a fatal flaw. Yep, fatal. For to desire at all, anything, takes me straight away from life. From being here now. And I know that I am only living when I am in the here now. I have discovered the hard way that it is impossible to desire something and not have it occupy your mind. It does. And when the mind is occupied then “I” am not. The mind is. Tricky, but oh so great to understand. We desire so many things – who is going to win an election, a new job, selling a house, all those tempting desires. But they are fatal. They bring thinking – mind sneaking in the back door. I listen to Osho many hours a day and each day I understand more and more and my gratitude is endless. Understanding never stops, growth never stops. Tonight I heard him say, “To love me is to love meditation and nothing else.” Hearing him say that took my breath away. I knew it was true for me.

July 31, 2017
Dinner was very different for me tonight. All afternoon I listened to Osho speak on Kabir and I heard something that changed the way I feel about food. Kabir said:

I do not go to the temple and lay food on the marble table before a marble statue. I don’t lay Prasad to rot on any altar. I eat my own food and it goes straight to my god. I put my food into the altar of the god who reigns inside of me.

Those words hung in the air around me for hours and stayed there as I put my own Prasad into my own body at the feet of the one who dwells in me.

August 20, 2017
Thank you, dear friends. The gods must be crazy letting this old woman live so long! You are all so very dear to me. I know there are other people out there to friend, but you are the special ones to me.

August 22, 2017
From Acharya Rajneesh, 1970:

To me God is Absolute Aloneness. The moment you say, oneness with God, you create “the other” again. Your god is now the escape, the other. It was once your wife, your friends, now you have created another OTHER. Now it is the God, now it is the Master. And now you have to become one with Him. If you are one with Him, then there is no question. But you cannot become one with Him. Your total aloneness is the realization, that you are the God, there is no oneness with Him. There is no communion, because there are not two. A communion is only possible when there are two. When you realize your total aloneness, then it is not that you will commune with a God, but now you are the God, you are the Divine. Even the language of Oneness if a hangover from the dualism of the other.

August 26, 2017
The very hardest part of meditation for me was Osho’s telling us to “watch yourself.” Say what? How do I do that? I finally used a Hollywood method, strange as that may seem. I remembered that James Wong Howe photographed his greatest movie scenes from above. That is, he shot down at the scene. So, in desperation to grasp the concept of watching myself, I tried pretending that I was photographing Archan as she went about her business. It really worked! Of course, I was merely separating my “self” from the body and looking at it, but that idea was foreign to me at the time. You are welcome to my technique if you would like it!

October 17, 2017
Sold the house, packed the bags, on my way to Rishikesh. One old lady staggering across India, drunk as a skunk on the wine of love!


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Beloved Archan, You came all the way to the Himalayas to leave your body in Rishikesh, on the bank of the Ganges! I used to meet Ma Archan almost every day when I was working in despatch in Antelope, and often we had a good laugh together. She was a playful person, very friendly. Later on my trips to California, I met her also. I cherish all these beautiful moments. Love to you, beloved Archan…
Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Archan, your love and support guided me and touched my heart through my whole sannyas life, from the early groups in Geetam until now. I always felt a deep connection – you blessed my life – always encouraging my creativity, meditation and celebration. I love you and miss you,

Thanks you, Archan, we all had a lot of fun over the years… Fly high…
Liberty Lincoln

Beloved Archan, Blessings to you for showing the way to Love, Live and Laugh! I will never forget you, I will never forsake you. You’ll probably be sorting mail all the way to the further shore. I will never forget you, I will never forsake you.

Beloved Archan, desciple of Osho who is madly in love with him. She carried so much of energy, love and innocence! I know Archan via Baba; we both are in love with him and of course with Osho. I met her last October. We (me and Urjo) went from NJ/NY to CA as she needed help to move out of her house. She also had decided to donate all her Osho’s belongings to Osho Sammasati (coming up Osho retreat center in NJ, Urjo leads the development of this center). I enjoyed my time with her, packing up unwanted stuff and valuable as a gifts. All that with so much of sharing! During my one week of stay, I felt showered by her love, so much so that I cannot describe! We shared so many things about relationships, sex, meditations and the Journey itself! We had many common interests and one of them was love for Elephants! She gifted me so many elephants… I take these elephants as Archan’s alive love and enormous trust in existence! Beloved Archan, you are always in my heart!

My dearest Archan, such fond memories from all those years on the Ranch. Your warmth, love, laughter and care will never be forgotten. Merged with the Divine having lived a blessed life. Love in abundance,

Dear Archan, Thank you for your gifts to me – although I only met you via email in the last few months I have received the blessings of your love for Osho and your wisdom and kindness. It has been a joy to know you.

Ah, Dear Archan: I got to know her a few years ago at Baba Purananda’s ashram. Such a beautiful heart and real adventurer. I remember when she decided to go into town by herself. She just walked up to the road and hitched a ride. When this was discovered there were all kinds of concerns because of her age. Of course, she was fine and had a great time. (It was said that she had done a “Kundan”! I was flattered and not worried.) This was her first visit to Baba and she was so excited to be there. That she should have passed while visiting him is so fitting.
Sw Anand Kundan

Archan was like a flower. Radiating joy and energy to all those who crossed her path. Although she might not have been a stereotypical buddha figure, she was very kind and warm and immensely knowledgable, not in the intellectual way, but in the heart/spirit way. She knew the unknowable and felt the undescribable. As a disciple of hers, I got to feel her loving energy, although it was only through the telephone and via email. However, what she shared with me was invaluable. Her secrets were not the high level top secret nonsense that the government keeps in a vault somewhere; she gave snippets of simple-minded, easy-to-understand advice. Her advice to me was, “meditate every day, try to wear the same clothes and do it in the same spot if you can.”
She also shared that she wished to be cremated in the Himalayas. She never told me she wanted to leave the body in India, but deep down she knew her time had come. Not with anger or regret, but with great delight and joy.
I never got to meet Archan in person, but I did share many moments with her, including many impromptu Darshans. Just listening to her, I felt an immense rush of energy, almost from nowhere. It was exhilarating.
I could go on and on. Thank you, Archan, for what you shared with me, and I will miss you. Sincerely,

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