Sensorial Awakening

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Tantra teacher Sarita on the importance of discovering, and letting go into our senses. An introduction to the Tantra Festival, that will be held on Corfu in June 2018.

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Each individual is unique in his or her sense orientation. One person may be more visually oriented, while another may be more auditory or kinaesthetic. As we communicate through language and through our sensorial experience of life, we are constantly seeking the fulfilment, which comes when all senses are in harmony, like a well-conducted orchestra.

In most people, one sense will be out front, like the guard at the gate of the palace, while other senses may be more hidden and protected. Certain senses will be more protected because they are actually holding a key to our inner sanctum, where our most precious gifts are held. Everyone is born with a particular talent for something. Right education helps us to draw out our innate talent, which is connected, to one or more of our senses.

In some people, one or more senses may be hidden because of a trauma that happened in the past. As we work with the senses through Tantra practices we can gradually heal the past trauma and optimize our experience of life by slowly awakening a full-bodied experience of all the senses.

A common scenario for many people is trauma being held in the auditory sense. In many cases, this can be traced back to the child hearing the sounds of parents fighting. By releasing the trauma, the ears can then discover the music of life, in all its harmony.

A student in a Tantra group was moving into a sensorial awakening method. He discovered that smell was his hidden sense. He explored more deeply and came across a memory from early childhood. His bedroom had a gas pipe passing through it and the gas pipe had a small leak so that, as a child, he was forced to breathe in the smell of gas each time he went to sleep. This created a deep trauma related to the sense of smell. He was able to release it, and he opened up to a profound fulfilment through the sense of smell.

A woman found that her kinaesthetic sense was hidden, she feared touching or being touched. As she dived into the method for awakening the senses, she experienced a powerful past-life memory of being punished. She was placed alive inside of a wall that was being built, and died inside. As she relived and released her subconscious trauma, she felt liberated to enjoy touch and pleasure.

Part of the work of Tantra is to honour each sense as a gateway into expanded consciousness. We learn to slowly open all the doors and windows to each sense, gradually supporting our uniqueness and potential to expand.

Human beings naturally gravitate towards sensual pleasure. When we can be in total let-go with our pleasure, we are naturally very present and in the moment. Time and mind disappear and there is only this. Being in the moment is synonymous with eternity because it is beyond time. The senses are the doors and windows leading us to God.

We are taught that we have five senses. However, if we go deeper into sensual exploration, there are in fact 10 senses. There are the eyes that see outward, and there is also the third eye that perceives our inner universe. This gift is known as clairvoyance. Likewise, there is a third ear, a second sense of feeling, and an expanded dimension of smelling and tasting. Each sense can move outward or inward, bringing tremendous expansion of life experience as a result.

It is a liberating experience to discover and live with all five senses awake and refined. When we allow ourselves to open up fully in our sensuality and sensitivity, it is like throwing open all the doors and windows of our house, allowing fresh air to come in and purify it. A quality of flowing aliveness fills a previously stagnant atmosphere. When energy is moving in our body and in our senses, joy is our natural state.

The opening up of sensual aliveness happens by being very present in our awareness of each sense. In Tantra, there are many methods to support this opening process. Following this path, our body and our life become the guru.

Listen to the song of the birds and allow this sound to permeate your every cell. Become absolutely present to the sensation of a caress. Look at a flower till you sense you have become the flower. Close your eyes while eating, and taste as if for the first time. Exploring in this way, you discover this world is divine. This body is divine. You are divine.

Sensorial Awakening is the 2018 theme of the Tantra Essence Festival in celebration of Tantra, Music and Dance, June 17—23, held at the Corfu Buddha Hall, Greece. – promotional video:

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