Companies keen to cash in on the season of love


Valentine’s Day has evolved into a commercial concept, with florists, restaurants and chocolate shops making a mint on February 14th. Some very questionable samples are shown in this slideshow. Published in the Daily Mail on February 7, 2018.

Some business-owners just can’t get the tone right when it comes to nailing romantic advertising.

Ahead of Cupid’s arrow being unleashed this year, people from around the world have shared hilarious examples on World Wide Interweb of the cringe-worthy fails some companies conjure up.

Unfortunate placement of Valentine's reminder
Isn't that slightly rude?
NOT funny!
Love hurts: This advert is certainly not sugar-coating
Rather morbid, isn't it?
Love is a... movie called 'Unfaithful'
Divorce me, baby....
For those who are inseparable
Special offer for guns?
Classy marketing ploy

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