We Are One Heart


Track 5 from Sudhananda’s new album ‘Celebrate’: “I wrote ‘We Are One Heart’ in 1982 in Santa Cruz, California shortly after taking sannyas at the Ranch.”

Video credit to Milarepa of OneSkyMusic – read his review of the album: Celebrate
The album is available from www.sudhananda.com


I wrote ‘We Are One Heart’ in 1982 in Santa Cruz, California shortly after taking sannyas at the Ranch. I always liked the song but something never felt quite right about it. It seemed to drag. I tried rewriting it numerous times throughout the years, giving it totally different musical style treatments, but always returned to the original version as being the best.

When I was recording the Celebrate album I included a new song called ‘Falling’. I was having the same issue with it where it didn’t feel quite right. Then I tried changing the rhythmic meter from a duple 4/4 to a triple meter of 6/8. Finally it clicked and felt right. So I tried the same thing with ‘We Are One Heart’ changing it to a triple meter and Hurray! – it finally felt right.



We are one heart beating in love
We are one breath breathing in love
We are one voice singing in love
Together, we are one heart


I grew up in a creative environment living close with nature. From age 8 I studied guitar, playing many styles including classical. After graduating from music school, I concentrated on writing my own music and had 4 instrumental records released on various labels, including CBS Sony. I have also released 4 vocal recordings of my songs. I took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram on the September 8th Celebration in 1982, a day before my 24th body birthday. I lived in sannyasin communities in Oregon, Hawaii, and Texas in the 80’s and spent half a year twice in Poona in the late 80’s. I was fortunate to be involved in the ashram music and was there when Osho left his body. Since then I have been together with Premdo, living in Northern California. My love of meditation, music, nature, health, have been consistent passions throughout this life. www.sudhananda.com

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