Which is the note?


From Suha’s series ‘Beware: Slippery…. Sacred Ground – Small flashes of real life’: “Which is the note, the frequency that makes the strings of my soul vibrate, that makes me feel in harmony with the great symphony of the universe?”

music notes tumbling

I receive an unexpected invitation to a concert – it is the world première of some film music (John Williams/Steven Spielberg). I am escorted to my seat in the famous Grand Rex Theatre, in Paris. The theatre is gradually filling up, chiefly with young people: a refreshing sight!

On the great stage – that I see from above – there are the chairs for the members of the orchestra. I can’t manage to count all of them, but Thierry, my musician nephew who has invited me, says they are at least eighty.

There the musicians come, one by one, then in a group, gliding slowly, nimbly into their places, as is fitting for musicians who are the protagonists and at the same time the audience of a magical universe of sounds.

Suddenly, after the first violin has given the “A”, the first sounds arise from the many strings, wind and percussion instruments, and are followed at once by a cacophony that stuns and amazes me. It’s the orchestra tuning up! A deafening sound, increasingly loud and strong, rises in the hall, creating an atmosphere of intense anticipation.

Then there is a hush, and the music begins. Although I have seen only one of Steven Spielberg’s films and for me the various pieces do not evoke any images, I follow the concert with much interest, and am entranced by the perfect harmony of the orchestra, to which each instrument contributes with its own timbre and notes.

But what has made a lasting impression on me was the moment of the tuning up of the instruments, so much so that I started wondering: which is the note, the frequency that makes the strings of my soul vibrate, that makes me feel in harmony with the great symphony of the universe? To which vibrations am I sensitive? Which is the silver thread that runs through my existence?

My inward compass is decidedly oriented towards light – its sparkle, its brilliancy, its power to overcome darkness – and is in tune with everything that is related to the luminous side of life. My loving gaze never loses sight of it, in order to detect what is not apparent at first sight in the events, some of them negative, that I observe happening to me.

This is the protection with which existence surrounds me at every turn, when I decide to let it guide me and lead me wherever it wishes me to go. And it is my heart, my greatest ally, friend and master, that tells me this, that shows me the path, through an energizing thrust, a feeling, an insight: about this, I never ask why or how. Do I know why I’m writing these lines?

The whole world pales before the complex, multidimensional “web” that takes shape in existence and reveals itself through chords that may seem out of tune – each of us is a different instrument – but that ultimately turns out to possess an intelligence and a compassion that are beyond any possible imagination.

Sometimes I am touched in seeing how we human beings, who are seemingly so discordant, are part of a hidden harmony, in which each different tonality has its nuance that is indispensable in the immense concert of the universe.

I am in love with this inexorable, complex, resolute simplicity of existence, and cannot set my mind at rest unless I manage to go beyond appearances, to listen to what is not expressed, to make the invisible visible to my senses, both inside me and outside. I am in possession of a decoding key: it allows me to feel and experience life as a mystery school that follows me anyhow and anywhere, more than ever after Osho’s leaving the body.

This is my “A”. With this key everything becomes teaching, wealth, light, music, infinite harmony that sheds a cascade of light on my path. And in difficult moments, in situations that rankle, alone in my room I start listening and silently wait for a beam of light to “tune up” my mind and heart…

From Suha’s series ‘Beware: Slippery…. Sacred Ground – Small flashes of real life’

First published in Osho Times – translated from Italian by Marta Innocenti

Amrita SuhaSuha is a regular contributor
Illustration: Freevecter
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