You are already there, where you needed to be

The Urgency

Our beloved Master,

When you say each evening during the meditation, “Go in, go deeper and deeper like an arrow to your center,” is it that there is actually nowhere to go and nothing to do because we are already in?

Is all we can do just be aware of how and when we perpetually go out, further and further from ourselves?

painting by Osho

Yes, Maneesha. There is nowhere to go. You are already there, where you needed to be. And once you recognize it, then you carry your consciousness wherever you go. Then time makes no difference, nor does space. You are a buddha in the temple and you are a buddha in the shop; you are a buddha sitting silently, deep in meditation, and you are a buddha having a good laugh with Sardar Gurudayal Singh.


It is midnight in Miami, and Glamorous Gladys arrives for a winter holiday to find that all the hotels are full.
The receptionist at the four-star Screwing Sands Hotel suggests that he can put her in to share a room with a nice man on the fifth floor, named Donald Dickstein.
Gladys likes the idea and takes the room.
She enters the room quietly, takes a peek, and sees Donald sleeping in one of the beds. Then she turns on the bathroom light, leaves the door open, and begins to slowly and seductively take off her dress.
Then she ever so slowly removes her bra. Bending in the light, she takes her sweet time slipping off her black lace panties.
Finally, she saunters around the room completely naked, and gets into her bed. Then she leans over and whispers to Donald, “Would you like to come in my bed?”
“No thanks,” replies Donald, wide awake. “I’ve already come in mine!”


There is an explosion at a Polack salami factory, and one of the salamis gets blown right to heaven. It lands at Saint Peter’s feet.
“What a funny-looking thing,” says Saint Peter, picking it up. And he goes to show it to Jesus.
“Did you ever see such a thing?” Saint Peter asks Jesus.
“No,” replies Jesus. “I’ve never seen one before.” So, Saint Peter takes it to show to Mary.
“Mary,” he asks, “did you ever see something like this?”
“Oh!” exclaims Mary. “You know, if it didn’t have that funny smell, I would swear it was the Holy Ghost!”


Caroline Kratz goes to visit her local channeler to find out about her late husband, Caruso.
“What’s it like up there?” asks Caroline, anxiously, when she gets the right channel.
“Marvellous!” replies Caruso. “I get up late, go swimming, then have sex, sleep, eat, take a rest, go swimming, have sex, sleep, eat again, have sex….”
“Ah!” cries Caroline, “but down here you only made love to me once a month!”
“I know,” admits Caruso, “but down there I was not a duck!”


Old Rubenstein is passing the local pet shop one day, when he sees a sign advertising a parrot that can speak many languages.
Since he considers himself an expert on languages, Rubenstein goes inside and starts to question the parrot.
“Parlez-vous français?” asks Rubenstein.
“Parlez-vous français?” replies the parrot.
“Habla español?” asks the old Jew.
“Habla español?” comes the reply.
“Speak English?” asks Rubenstein.
“Speak English?” replies the bird.
Old Rubenstein goes closer to the parrot, and asks confidentially, “Tell me, my friend, if you are so smart, do you speak Yiddish?”
The parrot fixes Rubenstein with its beady eyes: “Tell me, my friend,” says the bird, “you think I should not speak Yiddish with a nose like this?”


Okay, Nivedano…





Be silent…

Close your eyes.
Feel your body to be frozen.
Gather all your energy inside.
Deeper and deeper…
Take this energy
to the very center of your being.
Your body is only a circumference.
Find the center of your consciousness.
Once you have found the center
of your consciousness,
you are a miracle, a buddha…
the greatest mystery in existence.
Don’t hesitate…
Take the jump.
There is nothing to fear.
It is your own world.
Finding the center of your consciousness
is finding the center of the universe itself.
After that,
you exist spontaneously —
without any effort,
with great grace and bliss.
Meditation ultimately brings wisdom
to your life.

To make it absolutely clear that you are not the body, Nivedano…


Relax… fall dead.
Collect yourself as deep
within your innermost core as possible…
You are discovering the buddha…
This moment is the most precious moment
when one discovers the buddha in oneself.
Then all theology and religion and philosophy
are just commentaries,
You have got the essential thing
right in your hands.
This buddha-nature knows no death, no birth –
it knows only eternity.
No beginning, no end.
No boundary.
It becomes oceanic…
The whole universe becomes its home.
For the first time
there is not even a fence
between you and the universe.
You are the universe.
This is the meaning of finding the buddha.



Come back, slowly, silently, gracefully,
carrying the experience,
recollecting it.

Sit for a few moments as a buddha.
And carry out
your twenty-four-hour activities,
remembering that you are a buddha
and all your expressions should be of wisdom.

Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Beloved Master.

Can we celebrate the ten thousand buddhas?
Yes, Beloved Master!

Osho, The Miracle, Ch 10, Q 1

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