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Arjuna (aka John Hogue) has just released his 47th book, a very timely analysis of Hillary Clinton’s efforts to blame everybody else about her failure to become the first female US president, woefully described in her book, ‘What Happened’.

What really happenedArjuna’s answer is ‘What – really – happened, Hillary Rodham Clinton’ and is among other evaluations and insights also based on her natal chart. The book won’t only help Americans to understand what this political game is all about but in particular will be also helpful for all those who are rather bewildered by the often bizarre ongoings in particular since the last US elections.

In answer to one of his readers’ statement about the book, Arjuna replied (excerpted):

I’m very touched that you and many other readers would take up this book. It was equally a difficult but important book to write because I had to get empathically into her psychic space. It was a dark journey. Hillary is the “heart of darkness” for the so-called “resistance” movement that’s doing more to destroy opposition to Trump than turn the Democratic Party into a “noble” answer to Trump, a body of people with intelligent alternatives.

Over the decades of political forecasting I’ve presciently warned all sides of political polarization that you can’t win playing the game “anybody but (Bill) Clinton” like the Republicans did in the 1996 Presidential Election. And I say to my Trump-resistant “anybody but Trump” fomenting friends, trying to win back the US Congress in the coming midterm elections is not assured if all you can campaign for is what you are “against” and not what you are ‘for’ that inspires the American people – all of the people, left or right leaning – with a cogent, nationally uniting and inspiring campaign” as an alternative.

[…] Especially my Blue-Democrat leaning readers need to examine this book… to understand who is at the very heart of what’s threatening to make you losers in the upcoming midterms. Hillary is actually the architect of losing her own election and taking a wrecking ball to a coherent opposition party to the Republicans and Trump. That she and her many shadowy supporters still in government service, as well as in the FBI, are throwing her political mediocrity on mythical Russians rigging the election needs to be exposed and my book does this with solid, and documented evidence.

Hillary Clinton’s myths need not become facts in your future.

[…] This book is also written for my readers who are red-Republican leaning. I am sharing an opportunity to understand a truth beyond their hatred of this woman’s flaws – as I must look beyond them myself, being that I was once a delegate in Washington State for her election back in the 2008 Democratic Primaries.

It is fundamentally necessary that it must first be understood how we (Americans) got to this mess of a place. Understanding can possibly help you forge a new way, a new movement, a new kind of revolution that this American democracy needs, and it need not be violent. But it does need an abandonment of comfortable thought imprisonments that the Hillarys and the Trumps do put inside our minds and hearts. Hillary does it by design. Trump does it from innocent ignorance. This book presents a character forecast on Hillary Clinton. I consider it a prelude to my third and final book and character examination of Trump in my forthcoming ‘President Trump Predictions’. I hope to have it finished before the year is out.

In view of the fact that the media recently reported that Hillary Clinton is indeed intending to again run for presidency in 2020, this book is designed to be an eye-opener for all those who think she has been slighted in the last elections.

For more, read Dateline: 30 June 2018

Available as Paperback from lulu.com; Kindle from amazon.comamazon.co.ukamazon.deamazon.in

Dhyan Arjuna TNArjuna (John Hogue) is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He is author of more than 1,000 articles and 47 published books (over 1,180,000 copies sold) in 20 languages and sought-after for radio and TV talks shows. Arjuna presently lives in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island, USA and welcomes e-mails from fellow travellers. hogueprophecy.comfacebook.com/hogueprophecy.

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