When my eye catches a bird


Excerpt from Anand Ragini’s (aka Ragini Michaels) new book, The Jewels Of Here And Now.



When my eye catches a bird

Resting its entire body on the

Highest and skinniest limb of a tree,

I am struck with awe –

And an odd shiver of joy.

The next time I’m out on a limb,

I’m going to remember that bird –

And trust my capacity for equanimity

Will leap forth

And keep me balanced too.


Jay Schlechter’s review of Ragini’s book
The Jewels Of Here And Now

Available at amazon.com – amazon.co.ukamazon.de

Ragini (Elizabeth Michaels)Anand Ragini (aka Ragini Michaels) took sannyas in 1977. She is an acclaimed international trainer of NLP and Hypnosis, as well as the originator of the Facticity 6-Step Process and Paradox Management. She also offers on-line trainings available at her website. Her other books are ‘Facticity® – A Door to Mental Health and Beyond’, ‘Lions In Wait – A Road to Personal Courage’ and ‘Unflappable‘. www.RaginiMichaels.com

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