…left her body on 18th July 2018.


Gaurav writes:

Ms. Geeta Khandelwal (Ma Chetan Beej), was a rebellious spirit, always in search of something beyond ordinary life. She read about an Osho camp at Simultalla, a place near Kolkata. At this very first camp she felt as if she had reached home. She met with a few old-time sannyasins there and felt synchronous instantly. Thereafter she actively participated in every Osho event and soon became the centre of all Osho activities in Kolkata.

For the last 20 years, besides running the Kolkata Osho meditation centre, she organised many meditation camps in Kolkata and nearby places. She invited almost all old-time and eminent sannyasin to facilitate the meditation camps, like Ma Dharm Jyoti, Swami Satya Niranjan, Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Ma Yog Neelam, Swami Anand Vijay, et. al.

For many years she had also been organising stalls for Osho’s books at the Kolkata book fairs and was involved in various Osho activities. Being a very energetic person with a loving heart, she could spread her master’s vision throughout her life. She inspired many new friends to get associated with Osho.

In January 2017, she was diagnosed with a near-last-stage ovarian cancer. She took it very positively and fought with her disease courageously. In every possible way she continued her work for Osho. Even while being ill, she could encourage friends to organise a stall at the Kolkata book fair in 2018 and also participated physically whenever she could manage in between her chemotherapy cycles. Her disease progressed very fast and she was in extreme pain. Until her last days she remained very meditative and did regular meditations and listened to Osho’s discourses.

With Osho’s vision Geeta lived the life of a Zorba the Buddha; she lived very gracefully in all dimensions. In her huge family; she was always very loving and respectful to everybody and was the focal point for any family decision. I learnt a lot from her as a friend and also as a sanyasin.

Many times she was admitted in hospital in emergency but was always cheerful. She was an inspiration for the hospital staff, the doctors and nurses. She talked about death openly with the doctors and they were impressed. In the last three days she could not speak because of a mouth infection, but when asked by the doctor about her health, she managed to write on a piece of paper, although with difficulty: “All is well.”

In the early morning on 18th July 2018 she left her body – very peacefully. We celebrated her departure with music and dance and later with a celebration camp. Though not physically present, Ma Geeta will always remain an inspiration for me, her family members and many Osho friends.


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Hello. I met her only two three times but her cheerful smile will remain in my heart always.


In 2010, an official visit to Kolkata was scheduled for me. When Swami Satya Niranjan came to know about it, he said, “If you are going to Kolkata, you should meet Ma Geeta.” Therefore, with some time in hand, I went to meet her. In the first meeting itself I felt that we knew each other from eternity. Such a love and closeness! We talked about Osho, His meditations and His work done by Ma Geeta in Kolkata. Thereafter it became a routine to meet her in meditation camps. It became like family, of very close Osho friends and Ma Geeta played as a guide in this family.

Ma Geeta! Now it feels colourless and like a void without you, but you lived so totally that it is an inspiration for all of us. You lit such a light that we will always immerge in it. Always in your wait.

Love and regards.

Charturbhuj Sharma


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