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A short presentation of the recently released new album by Chaitanya Hari (Georg Deuter). With this album, Deuter enters a new realm of circular, wave sounds. These sounds are beautifully brought to life to send the listener into a deep place of healing and trance.

Deuter - Sattva Temple Trance

With Sattva Temple Trance, Deuter enters into a new dimension of circular, wave sounds. Two long tracks come together to create one hour of continuous healing trance music that induces a natural state of awareness, bringing you to the optimal level of consciousness to facilitate self-healing and deep relaxation. Great for guided trance and healing arts.

1. Circles of Light (37:53)
2. Temple Tramce (25:10)
Total 63:03

Listen to samples:


Audio CD and mp3:


Chaitanya TNMeditation music and Chaitanya Hari (aka Deuter) are synonymous; he has since long been recognised as the founder of New Age music and has become a legend among meditation and music lovers alike. Born in Germany, he nowadays lives in New Mexico in a sanctuary tucked away among a forest where he creates music with instruments from all over the world. Loving nature, he also is a beekeeper; he describes himself as a hermit/monk/wolf living in the wild.

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