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Widely-read Australian writer, John Howard, reviews Prem Vandan’s (Martin Guinness) new, second book.

The God that you areWhile it is clear that this well written and easy to read book comes from someone who does ‘the work’, it is also obvious that due to its comprehensive and holistic approach, it is a timeless book for all.

The insights and examples not only make it a natural and very humanistic read but it is also full of choice, inspiration and permissions.

It is much more than one man’s journey of discovery and freedom of self. Martin lays out a clear path for all to identify possible bumps and distractions that may impede or divert us from becoming our Higher Selves.

It is a book full of those ‘ah ha’ moments where one’s truths are confirmed. It seems that with every chapter the same question is left lingering: ‘how me am I?’

Am I living as fully to my light and beliefs as I would want?

And if not, why not?

And if not now, when?

It also reminds me of the hope, excitement, and endless possibilities of life both within and outside of this body, when I embrace and enhance this being: my GOD within.

Review by John Howard

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Prem Vandan TNBritish-born Prem Vandan took sannyas in Pune in 1981 and for some time, lived in the South of France at the Sangam commune, creating jewellery. Over the last three decades he has become a multi-award-winning producer and director of more than fifty documentaries, feature films and television series. One of his latest projects is a workshop called Exploring Shame, which raised a lot of interest in people who want to deal with that emotion. He is also the author of ‘Melting’. Vandan lives in Sydney, Australia.

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