Where’s the gap?

India, my Love

Millions of commuters descend on India’s railway in Mumbai every day. A special feature of carriages solely dedicated to women, helps avoid male groping, which is still widespread everywhere. Here’s a peak what happens at a random platform during rush hour. Published by the Daily Mail on July 28, 2018.

Hundreds of women clog the platform at the station and as an already packed to capacity train pulls in, women cling to the passenger doors. Mind the Gap? It’s more like Where’s the Gap? as Mumbai commuters jam every space at Thane station in Mumbai, India’s financial hub.

Somehow the Mumbai commuters create a river of human river flowing on and off the train.

As they fill the gaps left by departing passengers, new passengers swarm forward and some grab onto the doors before the train departs… and behind them the next crowd gathers for the next train.

Comment by Osho News: We hear meditators do particularly well in circumventing such crowds by remaining centred…

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