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Where’s the gap?

Millions of commuters descend on India's railway in Mumbai every day. A special feature of carriages solely dedicated to women, helps avoid male groping, which is still widespread [...]

Leaving India and the best shave in the world

Justin Rowlatt, frequently also featured on Osho News, looks back on his three years on assignment reporting for the BBC from South Asia and, in particular, India. Published on [...]

My love story with India

From Suha's series 'Beware: Slippery.... Sacred Ground': "I understand the thrill I experience when I get off the plane, that feeling of mystery that surrounds the visitor and sets [...]


Always long-awaited, a collective sigh is heard once monsoon starts in India. The rains are an annual blessing yet often resulting in floods, hardship and death.

How the British colonized India

Trevor Noah's 'Point of View' comedy leaves New York City in stitches!

Joy of sharing

In India, the sharing of food with others is an ancient important concept; yet sharing does not stop there, writes Naina.

Temples bare of idols

Naina discovers the historical background and significance of Assam's Namghars, the ethnic community prayer halls.

The Atmosphere of the Real India

Osho speaks on 'India'.

The Sacred Bael

Naina explores the history of the wood apple, a fruit tree native to the Indian subcontinent and considered as being very sacred.

Invitation to the Mother Goddess

Naina writes about Durga Puja, the worship of the mother goddess, one of the most important festivals of India.


Naina explains the history and present-day worship surrounding Kamakhya in Assam.


Naina takes an in-depth look at the animist religions in Arunachal Pradesh, India.

A Rare Matrilineal Society

Naina writes about one of the last remaining matrilineal societies on the planet in Meghalaya, one of the seven sister states of North-East India. Meghalaya means 'the abode of [...]