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Indivar’s letter to the editors commenting on the fact that they had omitted to mention Osho’s Meditative Therapy, the Mystic Rose, and explains the benefit of this 3-week process.

Sedona, July 28, 2018

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Dear book editors,

I was delighted to read your recent issue of the special edition of TIME, ‘The Science of Laughter’.

I wanted to add another dimension of laughter that was not mentioned in this edition. In 1988 the enlightened master Osho gave a new process to the world. He called it a Meditative Therapy and named it the Mystic Rose.

It is a three-week process, together in a group, involving the first week laughing for three hours a day, the next week crying three hours a day, then the last week sitting silently – the Watcher on the Hill – three hours a day.

Many thousands of people have done this process.

My name is Dr. Gerald Bronstein and I have been involved in leading this process for the last 30 years. I was with Osho in Pune, India, where I was a doctor in his ashram and later also in Oregon, in the town of Rajneeshpuram, which has recently reemerged as an interest of many through the Emmy-awarded Netflix documentary ‘Wild, Wild Country’.

After Oregon, Osho went back to Pune, India, where he introduced the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy in 1988. When introducing it, he pointed out that laughing and crying have never been used before as a meditation.

They are both in themselves meditations – if one laughs totally the mind stops and when one cries totally one becomes empty and the mind is also quiet. In the third phase, sitting silently – because there’s been so much release in the first two phases – there is a deep silence and stillness present. Just being… silently aware.

When this Meditative Therapy first came out, our medical staff did studies and found that it not only profoundly relaxed people, it lowered blood pressure, it improved vision, it improved mood and it very much deepened meditation.

In fact, in doing this over the years – I have facilitated and participated in this three-week process over 20 times – I find it to be the most effective way for busy, stressed, modern people, with a Western mind, to find the space of meditation within themselves.

In the early days each group had about 100-150 participants in the Ashram in India; then it went international, with groups in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Scandinavia, Japan, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Australia etc. and now it is really finding a lot of interest in China.

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My wife, Chaya, and I have been more recently leading Mystic Rose Meditative Therapies in different places in the world, like in Corfu, Greece, this June 2018. We co-facilitated with Leela Itzler who is the head of the Osho Institute of Meditative Therapies.

This group brimmed with 30 participants from 20 nations and we also taught a certification training for future Mystic Rose Facilitators and last year we lead one on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, Canada. In 2019 we will hold a 3-week Mystic Rose Group in Sedona Arizona, as well as the Facilitator Training.

Monthly we offer a 2-hour short process called “Laughter-Tears-Silence” in Sedona where we live. It consists of laughing, crying and sitting for 30 minutes each to give a taste of how beneficial and deeply heart-opening these activities can be. These events have found a grateful following.

The use of laughter and crying as a preparation for meditation and sitting silently, I find to be a profound modern contribution to the benefit of the world.

If you would like more information or an interview contact me at 928-821-2743 or email: indibron (at) gmail (dot) com

With joy to share this,

Dr. Gerald Bronstein, aka Indivar

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