A thousand faces for life

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What is usually reported about the Gaza Strip, the self-governing Palestinian territory on the east coast of the Mediterranean, is war and death, general mayhem and destruction. Published on BBC on December 30, 2018.

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A Palestinian Instagrammer in the Gaza Strip wants to show us a different side of life there.

Gaza has seen three major wars between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that controls the strip. Gaza’s economy has also been badly hit by a blockade by Israel and Egypt – needed, they say – for security reasons.

Kholoud Nassar says there is a face for death in Gaza, but a thousand faces for life.


Comment by Osho News: When news readers see yet another report about the situation which continues to be destructive, they usually move fast onto the next subject.

The political issues appear like a Gordian Knot that nobody so far thought to simply cut and let life and well-being come back to the region. Hate reigns – yet it must be remembered that love is the opposite side of the same coin…

Kholoud Nassar went out of the box to show the opposite of the disaster zone by changing the gestalt.

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