(10 February 1936 – 31 December 2018)


Anand Varida (aka Marilyn), originally from Saint Louis, graduated from dental hygiene school in Kansas City, married, and moved to Denver with her husband. She raised three children, volunteered, enjoyed sports, horses, the mountains, and dancing. Exceptionally bright, Varida always strove for excellence. She headed volunteer organizations, became adept at tennis and learned to be a ski instructor.

Varida returned to school and obtained a master’s degree in psychology. Subsequently she moved to Pune, where she took sannyas, then to Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. When the commune dissolved, Varida purchased a cabin in Woodland Springs, Colorado where she loved to hike and became accomplished in micro-gardening and growing vegetables in the mountain climate.

Soon, the warmth and peace of Sedona, Arizona beckoned where Varida had friends from the ashram. Next, after a brief time in San Diego, Varida moved to Sebastapol, California. She loved the climate, small town, walking opportunities, and was once again closer to sannyasin friends. Varida passed peacefully in Sonoma, CA on December 31, 2018.

Based on a bio by Varida’s daughter, Jeanette Amen, via Veet Pathen


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I have known Varida since our days in Colorado after the Osho Commune at the Oregon Ranch ended in 1986. Though never lovers, we lived together for awhile both in Castle Rock, Colorado, and in Woodland Park, near Colorado Springs. We had a vision of creating an Osho Community somewhere in Colorado but that never happened. Varida had a knack for surviving hardships, both physical and financial. She was an impressive organic gardener with an unflappable loving, optimistic spirit. When I knew her, she was always short on funds but very generous with what she had. I would have liked to say goodbye to her but that was not meant to be. One of these days I will be following her.
Veet Pathen

Bon Voyage, dear Varida!
Komala U Rohde

Beloved Varida,
I always respected you on the Ranch as one of the “elders.” Don’t know why, as you never acted old. You could be serioius, then catch yourself mid-sentence and start laughing. Love you for your laugh!
Fare thee well, Varida. You lived a full life.

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