The Circus


Anugraha shares a track from his newly released album, ‘The Early Bird’ and answers why it is his favourite.

Why I like The Circus track best? It is fun, entertaining, surprising, funny, alive, uncalculated… Actually, the music came first and then the title. When I was looking for a title I immediately started getting images of a crazy circus coming into town with all its colorful trailers, the parade led by drummers, followed by elephants and lions, camels, fire eaters and dragons, fairy girls and holy ghosts… and clowns and kids…

And my favorite part? Maybe when the jugglers get pushed out of the arena by the clowns, the curtain opens and a majestic elephant appears with beautiful ladies on his tusk… and an emperor (probably me!) on top!

Text by Anugraha

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AnugrahaAnugraha started playing classical guitar when he was eight years old. As a teenager he learned to play the blues, in the streets and from friends. As a young sannyasin he played in Music Group and Sufi Dance in the commune and composed music for Satsang. At 38 he started his own guitar school in Switzerland and later his own studio where he works as a composer and producer.

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