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Die Erforschung von Zeit und Raum l
Die Erforschung von Zeit und Raum - 2018 c

For the past two years more and more of my paintings fall under this title; a stream of colours and forms flowing onto the canvas, creating pictures full of lightness, wildness, liveliness and power.

I explore how a painting emerges on the white canvas (usually 80 x 100 cm), how something crystallises out of nothing, masses together and dissolves again, and how the painting changes again and again in the course of its creation. And still in the end the whole process transpires through what remains visible, and invites the viewer to discover new things again and again – and then pause. This way of painting is a constant tightrope walk between “doing” and “letting go” and brings a great alertness to this moment.

Before I started this series, for many months I had been painting small images in black and white to illustrate a song book for a friend, in whose choir I have been singing for several years. When the book finally went to print at the beginning of last year, I felt a strong longing for larger formats, and color. In the beginning the images surprised even me; they were like gentle explosions of light and color-lightness. The pendulum of expression now swinging in the opposite direction; what had been concentrated and focused on song content for so many months was now again celebrating the freedom to go into the unknown, the unplanned. Freedom!

I paint on the floor, enjoying the ease and freedom of movement, letting the brushes dance and – while knowing through observation and many years of experience how materials (probably) behave – I receive gifts from the Unknowable. I experiment, learn new things, trusting the river. I am often asked whether my paintings are watercolours, because many of them have a floating, transparent lightness. No, I paint on canvas with acrylics, sometimes also with inks! I layer and glaze colours, leave space … and explore forms. Some paintings need weeks to complete, always new layers are needed; very rarely do I receive a painting as a gift in one single session.

RaniRani studied Sculpture and Psychology in Germany. In 1979 she took sannyas and went to Poona for the first time, after that for many years she lived in sannyas communes. In 1991 she met Meera and for the following nine years she assisted in her painting groups. In 2001 Rani moved to Ibiza, became a member of the Artclub of Ibiza and exhibited on a regular basis. Since 2007 she has beem living and working as an artist near Berlin. r-a-n-i.de

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