The Cuckoo’s Call


A track on video from Tanmayo’s recently released album ‘In Quetitude’.

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This poem came in what felt like a ‘ready-made form’. Like a cosmic pop up message – ‘You got mail’… and hey presto there it was. When I read back what had just appeared, I was amazed at what was being said. It seemed to come in an archetypal voice… something ancient yet wholly present and ‘now’…

It is truly my wish that in watching this, one of my first video creations, you too, may fall into this silent space of quiet and blessing and thus doing so, experience a taste of the mystery that lives within us all.

Tanmayo introduces her new album: In Quietude: Meditative poems on soundscapes – available from itunes –

TanmayoTanmayo grew up in the north of Scotland and started to learn classical violin and piano when she was 7. In her early twenties she dropped her classical studies completely and instead, immersed herself in the Celtic music traditions. Around this time she also discovered she could sing. She came to Pune in 1994 where she took sannyas. She now lives in Cologne, Germany with her musician partner, Prem Parijat. – more music, and recipes, by Tanmayo on Osho News.

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