In Quietude: Meditative poems on soundscapes

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A new album by Tanmayo, this time spoken word on soundscapes – a new adventure.

in quietude by tanmayoI’m excited to share with you all my most mysterious project to date.

I have no idea where these poems came from. They descended in moments of deep silence (blessed times where a ‘blanket of quiet, thick yet soft’ simply appeared in my life without any warning).

It was clear these lyrics were not destined for songs and at first I had the feeling to make them into a little book, along with some of my paintings, to give as a gift to my closest friends. However, something was pushing from deep within and a strong, what I can only call message, came that they were to be spoken and set to a canvas of soundscapes.

It was something I’d never done before and I felt quite nervous at first. Talking the words out loud felt strange and uncomfortable and I felt even a little self-conscious, and could only do it alone when no-one was around in the house.

However, the power of the poems and all they contained magically took over and I found myself, slowly-slowly surrendering into the words and the message and allowing it to be spoken as it wished.

As I melted more and more into the poems and the journey of bringing them into form, I experienced they had the power to bring me back to the very space of quiet from where they had first come.

In Quietude
Meditative poems on soundscapes

by Tanmayo
11 tracks
available from itunes – –
Listen and to a track: The Cuckoo’s Call

TanmayoTanmayo grew up in the north of Scotland and started to learn classical violin and piano when she was 7. In her early twenties she dropped her classical studies completely and instead, immersed herself in the Celtic music traditions. Around this time she also discovered she could sing. She came to Pune in 1994 where she took sannyas. She now lives in Cologne, Germany with her musician partner, Prem Parijat. – more music, and recipes, by Tanmayo on Osho News.

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