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Padma’s long-anticipated collection of Buddha images shown in a video, to the alluring music of Chaitanya Deuter.

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This video is an invitation to enter an inner world of beauty and serenity, while depicting the myriad colours of meditation. Each of us, no matter our outer condition, is capable of realising the Buddha within. It is our birthright and our nature.

I recently completed the Buddha Nature video after years of imagining it but not sitting down to manifest it. The project itself was utterly captivating and I eagerly returned to it, re-aligning imagery while listening to Chaitanya’s music – we have been sharing our long-distance creativity for several years now…

The sharing started in the ashram in Pune 1 when our rooms were opposite each other’s; when I painted the big Buddha in Jesus House (beside my room on the 2nd floor) he accompanied me, playing the flute while I worked by candlelight. For all the years I have thought of his music as being an audible expression of what (and how) I paint. We have both experienced it as a unique love affair, that transcends time and space.

I chose a piece from his CD Sun Spirit (2000), titled ‘White Bird, Blue Sky’. It has the perfect tempo (with a sprinkling of magic) for the Buddhas to morph from one to the other. Chaitanya’s exquisite music builds toward the completion as the shifting colours come to a rest. Ultimately, the vivid imagery and soaring flute melt into white space. Thankfully, Bhikkhu (at New Earth Records) helped me organise the copyright details.

This video is a “making good” for something that was unfinished in me, something that has been incubating in my heart for many years. It was planted by the Master when he suggested that I go deeply into the Buddha image but not to get stuck in any particular tradition, rather to simply create the Buddhas however they come. He said, “they are my people.”

That is my soul work and it is more than joyful to share it with “the world” of sleeping Buddhas. You just never know what will prompt awakening – it might even happen while watching YouTube!

PadmaDeva Padma is well-known for her Osho Zen Tarot, the classic Rajneesh Neo Tarot Deck and the Tao Oracle. Her internationally acclaimed work includes paintings, collages, mixed media, book illustrations, and CD covers that display a profound sense of meditation. She lives with Ashika at their Embraceart Studio near Melbourne, Australia, where both create artwork with abandon – embraceart.com – more artwork and articles by Padma on Osho News.


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