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Dhyanraj’s personal story of how he came to purchase marble slabs from Osho’s bedroom and bathroom, from which – almost thirty years later – he is making pendants and wands.

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After Osho left his body in 1990, I heard in the commune that he had left instructions to remove the marble from his room and replace it with new marble – that he didn’t want his bedroom to become a shrine, it was said.

A year or so later the marble was removed from Osho’s rooms and was put on sale in the Egg, an area between Buddha Hall and the bookshop. The place was packed in those times and a lot of people were looking to get a piece of ‘Osho marble’, as it was called. Every day for months entering the ashram I saw crowds of sannyasins looking through the roughly sawn-up slabs of marble of various sizes. It was mostly a distinctive type of marble, cream and peach tones with black streaks, each broken piece uniquely patterned.

I remember that in the sales area there was a quote by Osho stating that marble’s cellular crystalline structure would store meditative energy for thousands of years. As Osho had lived for many years surrounded by this particular marble, and even left his body there, we concluded that it had absorbed Osho’s meditative energy vibration and that it would be preserved in the marble.

After a few weeks the crowd thinned and I had a closer look at this Osho marble everyone was so interested in. A friend was in charge of the marble selling that day – he said, ‘Dhyanraj, I have saved a good piece for you’ – and pulled out of his bag a triangular piece a few square inches with a bright orange fire-coloured streak alongside black – it was indeed a rare, intense piece and I bought it immediately.

The next day I returned and he had a new, much bigger piece – a beautiful work of natural art – very expensive and yet I was in love with it and had to buy it. Later this friend informed me that if I was interested in a bigger amount there were slabs of it, stored in Osho’s library in Lao Tzu House.

I made the appointment to see the marble the next day and saw the marble planks – twelve inch wide and one to five feet long, stacked up against the walls – bits of the cement still on them. The sannyasins who pried them off the walls and floors of Osho’s room had stuck a white paper label in the corner of each slab – in pencil on it scrawled BDW, BDF, BTW, BTF, indicating where the individual piece had come from – bedroom floor, bedroom wall, bathroom floor, bathroom wall. The pencil marks eventually rubbed off when the marble was cleaned and all I know now is that my marble is from Osho’s bedroom and attached bathroom.

I chose several pieces that attracted me the most and spent all my money on them, totally in love with the stuff – I had to have it! Now I had Osho’s marble in my room – and I went surfing on one piece, high on Osho’s energy (and some rare friends were also allowed to lounge on it – pretending to smoke).


This distinctively-marked peach to cream black/grey-streaked marble lined the floor and walls of Osho’s bedroom and attached bathroom in Lao Tsu House of the Osho Commune in Koregaon Park in Pune, India.


Satyam Dhyanraj


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