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A new album by Sarita & Praful – both their comment on this project.

Goddess Essence MeditationThis album is a one-hour meditation designed by Tantra Master Sarita that encapsulates the essential components for women’s empowerment in a process consisting of 10 stages. The purpose of this meditation is to open the three positive polarities of woman’s chakra system; 2nd chakra (lower belly), 4th Chakra (center of chest) and 6th Chakra (3rd eye). The meditatior can then integrate these aspects of Goddess Activation with attuning herself to the heartbeat of nature and of the universe.

Sarita writes:

While teaching women’s groups and trainings, it became apparent that there is a great thirst waiting to be fulfilled for women everywhere, a thirst to awaken to our fullest potential as soon as possible.

In this album I encapsulated the essential transmission of the 4-part Goddess Essence Training into a one-hour meditation which can be done alone, together with a friend, or with a whole group of women. The result of this meditation is phenomenal. Women who practice it remember what our true feminine power and potential really is. We are attuned to the moon, the tides, seasons and cycles. We are attuned to each other. As more and more women practice this meditation the collective of the divine feminine in all her glory is unveiled.

When planning a CD project for this meditation, only one name came to my mind with whom I would have wanted to collaborate for creating the music: Praful!

Praful writes:

As a man it has been an interesting journey to work on this project, and an honor to contribute to women’s empowerment. I have always been a great lover and supporter of the Divine Feminine!

Composing and producing this album took almost a year. The music is extremely diverse and eclectic, style consistency was not important here as it would have been for a regular music album – therefore there’s everything from ethnic/oriental dance tracks to soft meditative and even zen-like pieces – that is, whatever the meditation phase needed.


1. Womb Yoga Dance 05:17
2. Birthing Spirals 05:03
3. Birthing Spirals with Emotional Fluidity 04:52
4. Breast Aura 10:07
5. Lasya Dance Alone 05:05
6. Lasya Dance Contact 05:03
7. Unveiling the Goddess with a Partner 05:07
8. Unveiling the Goddess Alone 05:02
9. Shakti Pulse in Spooning Position 10:03
10. Integration 04:59

Available from praful.bandcamp.com


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