‘Circle of Love’

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Pratibha presents her new album.

Circle of Love by PratibhaA wonderful collection of Pratibha’s new songs of prayer and celebration. Collaborated with highly skilled professional musicians, David Springborg, Pelle Fridell, Praful, Örjan Byström. Music medicine for your heart, body and soul. World class world music.

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A while ago I let go of the idea of making more albums… firstly because most people no longer have CD players, and secondly because to carry the cost of a printed album plus cover design seems to be a thing of the past. However… sitting with friends in a circle at the Lendrick Lodge in Scotland last August, we played one of my new songs, when Stephen said, “Oh Pratibha, I feel a new album coming on!” To which I replied, “Yes, I feel that too.” And in this circle of supporting friends I had the inspiration to try out crowdfunding – and it worked!

I am so touched that it came together and feel blessed that so many friends wanted to support the process financially. I immeditaly went to Copenhagen to record with David Springborg. We had done the ‘Echo of a Star’ album together, 10 years ago. He is a gentle man, a gifted musician and a great producer as well. We had a wonderful flow of ideas and inspiration. It is my absolute favourite thing to do: co-creating in the studio with him! Not to mention the luxury of having these absolutely awesome solo players joining in: Praful, Pelle Fridell, David Springborg and Örjan Byström!

Many of these songs of mine I actually play for ‘Heart Dance’ which I still offer at festivals, courses and workshops, with and without a band. What a blessing! – to sing and dance – I never seem to get tired of it.

‘Circle of Love’ – of which I am very proud – is my 4th album. I am happy to see that many are already enjoying what we had set asail.

Pratibha grew up in Denmark and took sannyas from Osho in Mt. Abu on 19th January 1974. She started to play the guitar and sing when she was 13 years old. She has sung for Osho and played in Music Groups and Evening Meditations. Since Osho left his body she has been singing and playing in various countries and a variety of settings: concerts, Heart Dance events and workshops. She has already composed and produced three CDs: ‘Heartdance’, ‘Here with You’ and ‘Echo of a Star’.

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