Anxieties exist in life

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (116)


Osho 60s8

I am very glad to have received your letter.
Anxieties exist in life
but there is no need to worry about them.
Worrying stems not from the anxieties
but from our attitude towards them.
To be anxious or not is always our open choice.

It is not that a non-anxious mind is free of
anxieties – anxieties are there,
they are an unavoidable part of life –
but it does not burden itself with them.
Such a person always sees beyond them;
dark nights surround him too
but his eyes look to the rising sun and therefore
his soul is never drowned in darkness.
And this alone is enough –
that the soul be not drowned in darkness.

The body is bound to drown in it –
in fact it already has.
Those who are condemned to die
live their lives in darkness;
only the deathless
have their lives rooted in the light.

Blessings to the children and regards to all.

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