In memoriam of Ma Prem Mudita


(14 October 1940 – 21 December 2011)


Prem Madiro writes:

As a single mom Mudita ‘found’ Osho at Dallas Texas meditation center in early 1981. She became a disciple through mail in October 1981. She spent the following major celebrations at the Ranch helping in construction of the platform tents. I still have a lasting vision of her standing knee deep in a rain-swollen post hole when, with a wide smile and a chuckle, she said, “I’m so tired.”

Mudita was an artist composing with brush on canvas. She had, to this observer, a more realistic reflection of Georgia O’Keeffe’s style.

She was another ‘laughing buddy’ who dived deeply into the mystery of laughter. Wherever two or more were gathered, through laughter we shared in the disappearance of Mind with the simplicity of echoing another Beloved’s let-go… Oh those memories!

Her radiance helped her son Srajan to join Osho’s caravanserai of delight.

Mudita’s journey through this past life was a hugh challenge; she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 20s. Over her remaining 42 years, she had remissions and reoccurrences of cancer as it moved about her body. Remarkable! – an example of the curative power of laughter?

Through her last three years, I shared in her care and was with her as she let go her final breath.

Sail on, Fellow Traveler.


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