In Memoriam of Swami Prem Gaffar


(21 July 1939 – 15 November 2014)


Gaffar traveled to Pune in December 1977 to sit at the feet of the Master of Masters, thereafter making the yearly December pilgrimage for Osho’s Birthday Celebration among thousands of Osho’s fellow travelers.

He moved to Rajneeshpuram in spring of 1982 where he worshipped mostly at Gorak. Gaffar though favored driving a bus as he could share his jokes while having a wide field of ranch beauties to whom to deliver a well-crafted punchline. And bus driving made his favorite activity – ‘chasing the ladies’ – much easier.

Gaffar was an artist; he experimented with unusual materials that expressed a striking three-dimensional quality in his abstract works.

He was another laughing buddy. He would eagerly and easily plummet into deeply exploring the depths of belly laughter, roaring in a 5- to 10-minute session, ending in tears, exhaustion and a brief silence of the No Mind.

Fly high, gentle one. Somewhere, perhaps, another life has you seeking to share the joy of laughter.

Yo Bro, Madiro


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