Being 17 in New Delhi, India

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Seventeen-year-old Aashima has lived in Delhi her whole life and feels the Delhiites are one big family. Video published on BBC on May 2, 2019.

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She tends not to see her friends at weekends, instead focusing on spending time at home and with her family. Aashima plans to go to the University of Delhi next year, and dreams of becoming a bestselling author after she graduates. We spend a day with Aashima as she shows us what it’s like to grow up in Delhi.

I get time to think, listen to music, and get some peace.
I think the best thing about Delhi is that people here
are very welcoming, they are full of love very much
and fully accept people for who they are.

Being 17 is a series created by the BBC World Service and Radio 1 Newsbeat looking at how 17-year-olds all over the world spend their Saturdays.
Video journalist: Matt Wareham

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