…left his body on 24th May 2019.

Amrit Paritosh worked for many years in the audio department of the Pune Commune.

There has been a death celebration for him in Pune on 25th May 2pm.

Suchira writes:

My beloved friend, Amrit Paritosh, left his body. Luckly we met a few days ago in the park early morning, after quite some years. It was as if we had just met the day before and we both shared the gratitude we felt that our beloved master Osho had found us. We sat in the sun and just enjoyed, and then had a great hug. Such a precious one he was, he always somehow saw me and enjoyed me and I enjoyed him. Some people are just like that – no need to explain anything. I am grateful that we met in this life.

I know he will travel lightly and has no need to return to a body. He was a truly blessed one in all that is simple and beautiful. Love, love hugs…

Thanks for alert to Upchara and Anil


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Dear Paritosh,

I see you walking very slowly, your head lifted towards the trees, with sparkling eyes full of wonder and gratefulness. A big smile when you saw me, from ear to ear. Your hug was warm, total and full of silence. My feeling was that you tried to express the inexpressible, with your gestures towards the abundance of nature, towards the overflowingness of existence.

When I heard that you had left your body, I felt your joy, light and gratefulness extended. I lift my head towards the trees and towards the sky, and hear the whisper of the wind. I see a bird flying high and feel that there is no death at all. I lift my head towards the trees and join you in smiling full of wonder at existence.

Fly high dearest Paritosh, and thank you for your warmth, joy, wonder, gratitude and silence…

Love from

I do feel immensely grateful to have met you and worked with you for so many years. Such lightheartedness, such caring, joy and sharing coming from you… I remember the dance compilations, bringing us on the dance floor and raising us up… leading into joy and Silence. Thank you for sharing yourself so abundantly with us. Bye, Beloved Paritosh… ??

Dear Paritosh. Such great memories of your big heart and your great morning discos in the Osho Resort. You were always so helpful in moving your particular choice of music on to other people’s collections. I even have one of my own… Fly joyously!

Oh Paritosh, so many years we worked beside each other, door by door. It was all the time a beautiful feeling to see you in the morning, to see your smile and feel your heart. I lived for a while with your family in your flat. Soooo peaceful. You will always be in my memory.

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