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Osho speaks about the constant effort to defeat the other at whatever the cost.

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Once you take the decision to follow the inward path, once you take the decision to be a sannyasin, to be a meditator, once you take the decision that now the inner has called you and you are going to seek and search on the quest “Who am I?”, then the first thing to be remembered is: don’t move in a tense way. Move in a very relaxed manner, make sure that your inner journey is comfortable. Now this is of immense importance.

Ordinarily, this first error happens to everybody. People start making their inner journey unnecessarily complicated, uncomfortable. It happens for a certain reason. People are angry at others in their ordinary life. In their ordinary life they are violent with others. In their ordinary extrovert journey they are sadists: they enjoy torturing others, they enjoy defeating others, they enjoy competing with others, conquering others. Their whole joy is in how to make others feel inferior to themselves. This is what your extrovert journey is. This is what politics is.

This is the political mind, constantly trying to become superior to the other, legally, illegally, but there is constant effort to defeat the other, whatsoever the cost. Even if the other has to be destroyed, then the other has to be destroyed. But one has to win: one has to be the prime minister, one has to be the president, one has to be this and that – at any cost! And all are enemies because all are competitors. Remember this: your whole education prepares you, makes you ready to fight. It does not prepare you for friendship and love, it prepares you for conflict, enmity, war.

Whenever there is competition there is bound to be enmity. How can you be friendly with people with whom you are competing, who are dangerous to you and to whom you are dangerous? Either they will win and you will be defeated, or you will win and they have to be defeated. So all your so-called friendship is just a facade, a formality. It is a kind of lubricant that makes life move smoothly, but deep down there is nobody who is a friend. Even friends are not friends because they are comparing with each other, fighting with each other. This world has been turned into a war-camp by the education of ambition, politics.

Osho, The Secrets of Secrets, Vol 2, Ch 1 (excerpt)

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