Did Osho foresee 5G?


Part 1 of Veena’s in-depth research into the dangers of electromagnetic fields and radiation to our physical bodies.

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Blue Windows

Recently, at Dhiren and Nritya’s wonderful party in their beautiful home in north Germany, I was able to gratefully relax in an almost EMF-free environment. For someone who has suffered for more than 6 years from electro-magnetic sensitivity (EMS or EMH) from electromagnetic fields (EMF) this was real bliss. Their house is deep in the country, so, apart from their WiFi router, there were no other harmful energy fields around, except for nurturing green fields!

It was walking back from the deeply glorious satsang that I had a sudden flash. Was Osho’s insistence on having all the Pune commune buildings painted black and wanting blue windows installed, an attempt to deal with something he saw happening in the future? The message we in Lao Tzu House heard was that it was ‘to protect us from radiation.’ At the time I wondered – what radiation? Pollution in the surrounding atmosphere was obvious, yes, but radiation? Bhagawati says she remembers also being puzzled and discussing with her beloved, Anatto, the same question – what radiation?

Bhagawati and I also remember, about that time, the arrival of a Japanese scientist (not a sannyasin) who, having heard of the possibility that Osho received some kind of radiation poisoning while in jail in the USA, came with some devices which he claimed could protect against radiation. I remember Nirvano saying that Osho was extremely interested and invited the scientist to stay in Pune and open up a centre to research the harmful effects of radiation. Sadly, this didn’t happen, but in my opinion, this also showed Osho’s strong interest in this phenomenon.

The, for me, intrinsically harmful feature of EMF is its radiation component called radiofrequency (RF) radiation. This is what my body feels and makes me so often want to just lie down and die. Or escape, silently screaming, from any radiation source raining down on and pervading me.

Bhagawati said that oshonews.com recorded much interest in several articles recently published about 5G and suggested that I share my experiences and how I have attempted to live with a world of electromagnetic fields swirling all around us every minute of the day. This is not easy. The topic of EMF and its RF radiation components is very controversial (just search for EMF or 5G in Google and get ready to be massively confused) with governments, most main-stream health officials, WHO and big businesses all adamantly denying that there is any harm to human life at all. (Just like the tobacco scandal starting in the 1920’s.)  On the other side there are intelligent people looking at the situation and doing a huge amount of research (often in universities so not bound by industrial greed) and are just as adamantly saying there is potentially great harm to human life, even animal, insect and plant life. Who to believe? In this online article the controversial aspects are shown  clearly.

I am at a huge disadvantage in talking about the topic because I have zero scientific or engineering background. So when I try to explain things, I am speaking mostly about what my body feels and how I can detect EMF here, but not elsewhere. Very subjective! However, I do use a radiation meter as well, which also tells me a lot. My brother, who has worked in the field of electromagnetics, has had a lot to say about it and, having seen me suffering, has done a fair amount of research and helped me to understand more than my unscientific and technologically savvy-less brain could do on its own.   But I have myself looked at a lot of stuff online, focussing especially on research done by people who are as EM-sensitive as I am, and who want to warn people of the danger of something they cannot feel and have also been told is perfectly safe. So the situation is that I, and these other sufferers, can feel the pervasive effect of EMF while most people can’t. The fact is, it is still harming you but because you can’t feel it, you don’t take any precautions against it. This is why EMS people are trying to speak up – in the face of opposition ranging from polite disbelief to insulting derision.

I am fortunate that I am writing for sannyasins who are generally more aware about their bodies and their surrounding environments than most people – thanks a lot to Osho. And there are certain things I have found to be useful which might be useful to others, so I will take it for granted that people are a bit worried and are interested to hear about things to do to minimise, as much as is possible, some of the effects of EMF on our health.

But first please read this detailed, very recent, discussion by, I understand, a fairly reputable individual called Dr Mercola. It explained a lot for me. I found it very useful in my situation: Documentary Explores Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

I will add some more links at the end of Part 2 of my writings, because there are many more independent people saying similar things.

And one last thing: be alert to the prevalence of the phrases ‘in the last 10 years’ and/or ‘in the last decade’. More and more, when I hear discussions and evidence of increasing cancer rates, especially amongst children and young people (previously cancer usually happened mostly to old people), increasing rates of infertility, increasing rates of dementia, increasing behavioural problems and anti-social behaviour – invariably I hear the phrase ‘in the last 10 years’. Listen, watch, you will hear or see it too. WiFi – and the resulting technology such as mobile phones, cordless phones, ipads and tablets, laptops, new printers etc – came into operation around 10 years ago. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

In conclusion, the above is mostly about EMF and 4G or less for cell phones. 5G is a whole different ball-game, functions on different but even more pervasive principles and I return to Osho’s idea about protection from radiation when I read that as many as 20,000 low-orbit satellite will be sent into space from which beams of radiation will be sent to all 5G devices, putting all life on earth into a radiation field from which we cannot protect ourselves. This is one of the things people are so concerned about and I wonder if this is what Osho was foreseeing.

For further information see these fairly comprehensive sites which aren’t being hysterical or alarmist: Electric SenseEMF Academy – Green World Warriors and many other sites



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