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(16 November 1956 – 18 September 2019)

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Raji writes:

Prem Bhagwat was born in Marienheide near Gummersbach in Germany, where he earned a high school diploma and worked in the civil and public service right after. When he came back from Pune in 1981 he moved to the Osho commune Meinerzhagen and lived there for many years. He became a father and grandfather and was deep in love with his family, friends and existence itself.

Bhagwat was one of the ongoing sunshines in the Buddhafield; whatever happened, he stayed happy, fulfilled, positive, with sparkling eyes. Whether he was working or taking a break, his pace was relaxed with a soft and flexible attitude. Besides many other creative activities, like renewing our pond and well in the back yard of the UTA centre, each Sunday morning he prepared the Buddha Hall for satsang, making it all neat, fresh, and then preparing a clear space for the following meditation. …And he went deep into silence during the meditation. Fly high, beloved one!

Kalpa writes:

Our beloved friend, Prem Bhagwat, left his body. For many years he took loving care of our parents until they died. For my sister, Praphulla, and me he was like a male family member, who happily, joyfully, and playfully helped us with everything practical. He renovated my flat while I was on holidays, repotted our plants, drove Praphulla with her own car to Stellshagen and took the train back to Cologne – he gave us a feeling of being well taken care of. We lost a true friend with a big joyful heart. We are very sad.

The Archetype Group in Zurich and Bhagwat’s friends write on 20 September 2019:

Day before yesterday our dear friend Bhagwat lost his life in a tragic accident at work. Our big sympathy is with Susette, who suddenly lost her beloved Bhagwat and his family.

We are distraught and sad and find it difficult to accept this death – despite knowing about the becoming, being and passing away of man and about the ways of the soul. The feeling of sadness, bewilderment and compassion, however, is also part of being human and distinguishes us as such. The painful experience finally leads us on our way to surrendering to the whole, the meaning of life and love. In this way we will also experience comfort and confidence – each in their own way.

Bhagwat was always present at our meetings in Zurich, a colourful man with his eccentricities, humour and free spirit. But he was also sensitive and deeply immersed in spirituality, of which he had integrated and lived much of it himself. Thank you Bhagwat, your being has always been an enrichment! Your physical presence and your warm hugs will be missing.

The Only Dance by Susette
Beautiful Moments by Susette Goldschmid

A while ago, Susette painted the above picture of Bhagwat with loving devotion; it could not render his essence any better. (The paintings was brought to the Satsang for Bhagwat at Osho Uta last Sunday.)

Original (in German):

Bhagwat worked at the Uta Institute in Cologne. The satsang on Sunday, 22nd September, was dedicated to him. From Raji: “Today Bhagwat’s partner Susette, his close family and friends gathered for his farewell at the satsang. We heard about his life, his joy for life and listened to an excerpt of Osho´s answer to Bhagwat´s question from 1980. In the end we sang a beautiful mantra and Fly, fly high!”

Osho answers Bhagwat’s question: Osho, Why do I want people to admire me? Why do I want you to tell me that only very sensitive and intelligent people can ask such a question? Why do I want you to tell me that you were only waiting for me to save the world? And what the hell is the way out of this vicious circle of admiration and rejection? It is really hard to laugh and dance freely and without purpose with this longing engraved deep in my mind. – in Don’t fight with the ego

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