Love, fear and death

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Osho states, “The moment you lose the fear of death, you become capable of living.” Published in The Economic Times on 17 September 2019.


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You are afraid of life because you are afraid of death. And I would like to teach you how to die so that you lose all fear of death. The moment you lose the fear of death, you become capable of living.

I am so madly in love with life that because of it, I have fallen in love with death also. It is part of life. When you love life totally, how can you avoid death? You have to love death also. When you love a flower deeply, you love its withering away also.

When you love a woman deeply, you love her getting old also, you one day love her death also.

That is part, part of the woman. The beautiful face has become wrinkled now – you love those wrinkles also. They are part of your woman. You love a man and his hair has grown white – you love that also. Life is unfolding.

Then one day, the man is gone – you love that too. Love knows nothing other than love. Hence, I say, love death. If you can love death, it will be very simple to love life.

The problem arises because the questioner must have been repressing, must be afraid of life. And, then, repression can bring dangerous outcomes. If you go on repressing, then the very fever is so much that you are not in your consciousness. Then you are almost in neurosis.

Before the repression becomes too much, relax, move into life. It is your life! Don’t feel guilty. It is your life to live and love and to know and be.

Abridged from The Art of Dying, Osho Times International, Courtesy Osho International Foundation.

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