Every place a gem


A selection of photos Prabhat took this year while travelling in southern Italy.

0110 Italy 2019-102
0120 Italy 2019-18
0130 Italy 2019-137
0140 Italy 2019-126
0150 Italy 2019-879
0160 Italy 2019-249
0170 Italy 2019-1237
0180 Italy 2019-702
0190 Italy 2019-1127
0210 Italy 2019-650
0220 Italy 2019-891
0225 Italy 2019-336
0226 Italy 2019-564
0240 Italy 2019-163
0245 Italy 2019-452
0260 Italy 2019-274
0270 Italy 2019-493
0280 Italy 2019-922
0290 Italy 2019-1186

The South of Italy, with Napoli at its innermost centre is different than the north in a myriad of ways, most of them peripheral but a few touch a deep inner chord involving dignity and resentment.

It is a world of its own, rules by laws similar but discrete from the rest of Italy.

The sun is shining fiercely, the sea is all around and never far, the food and the wine are of deeper, more concentrated flavours and the people are simple, kind and on the level.

When I look at the map of Italy, in the north most city names are familiar even if I have never been there, but the names on the south of the map are mostly new to me, so every night I chose the next destination just by the sound of the name as it is rolling off the toungue.

One can hardly miss. Every place is a gem even if some more obvious so than others.


Prabhat (Nimi Getter) is a photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. nimrodgetter.com

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