Enjoing the wrinkles…


In a short note Veet reflects on a photo of a photographer’s grandmother recently exhibited in an art gallery.

Pearl © Isaebella Doherty
Pearl © Isaebella Doherty – photo taken by the author at the exhibition

At the Tweed Art Gallery yesterday there were so many incredible pieces of art. The photography exhibition is something I’d love to visit again.

This photo taken by Isaebella Doherty of her grandmother Pearl has stayed with me well past seeing it.

On the placard explaining the photograph I read that when Pearl saw the photo of herself she said, “Gee, I look pretty good don’t I?”

I loved this and loved that she was willing to sit naked for her granddaughter at age 95.

It reminds me of my grandmother and how there was no shame of being naked as women and girls when I was growing up.

It reminds me of all the times I looked at my own body and wondered why I didn’t look like the models in magazines and, at the age of 15, had discovered road map veins on my legs and was devastated as none of the models had these.

And am reminded of when my mum told me a decade later that it was possible to have these veins removed and how it made me realise I actually had come to love those veins – and how I still very much do.

I love how evocative this piece of art has been for me.

I love my body and have a note to self to sit naked for a photo when I am 95. I am enjoying the wrinkles that appear each day as I age.

It’s so fabulous we have such a gallery so close to us. Enjoying art.


Veet Karen

Passionate and ethical vegan chef, lifestyle trainer and caterer.  veets.com.au

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