Shobhana Ma – My life with Osho

Remembering Here&Now

Ma Yoga Shobana speaks to Dhyan Khayyam in Autumn of 2014 at Gangadham, Rishikesh, India, revealing her deep love and devotion for Osho that began in 1967.

[Osho] told me… he was going to give a lecture in Hindi regarding women and their suffering – and that’s what I needed at that time!

Shobhana was born in 1938 in Indore. She got married at age 18 and had two sons by age 22. She laughingly declares that that ended her social responsibility. When her beloved grandmother died, it set her on a path to find the meaning of life and Osho came into her life in 1967. She lives in Vadodara (Baroda).

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