Momentous Osho Mahotsav 2019


Ageh Bharti reports from the recent Osho Festival in Jabalpur; included are enjoyable videos with catchy music to view.

Ageh Bharti Jabalpur

Osho Mahotsav (Big Festival) has been celebrated for three days from December 11 – 13, 2019 in Jabalpur, India, conducted by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Osho spent more time in Jabalpur (about 19 years) than anywhere else on the planet.

It has been such an important event but about which nothing can actually be said! How can one convey the joy, the dancing and celebrative energy of 2,500 sannyasins who arrived at such short notice! They were pouring in to Jabalpur coming from every corner of India and even from many other countries. They included Swami Krishna Vedant from London and Swami Prem Paras who arrived with a group of friends from Switzerland; however, I could not meet with all of them. Intriguingly, the overall energy felt like during a Rajneeshpuram festival to me!

A government’s committment

This event, initiated by Ma Prem Purnima from Bhopal is of great historical significance because everything had been handled by a government. All expenses for food and board of the visiting sannyasins, as well as providing the city’s best auditorium, Tarang, were all met by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Because they rightly presumed that Tarang would not be able to provide enough space, within a few days and nights the government had a dome constructed to accommodate at least 2,500 guests.

To me, Adv Sunil Khatri has been the most special person in the Jabalpur celebrations; he planned the entire excellent and detailed program. He deserves a big salute from us. The Collector, Shri Bharat Yadav, had held several meetings with Officers of relevant departments such as Madhya Pradesh’s Electricity Board, Nagar Nigam, Security and Safety, RTO etc.  Arrangements to transport sannyasins and Osho’s lovers from and to the Jabalpur Airport, Jabalpur’s Railway Station and Bus Stand were meticulously planned. Accommodation for celebrities and VIPs were available in five-star hotels. Large billboards were displayed around all major road crossings and along all main roads leading into the city. I estimate there must have been at least 200 of them.

For this memorable visit of 2,500 guests, the arrangements for their tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner were a huge task and all was beautifully managed in a very short time by the Collector and his assisting Officers. Even an ambulance and a medical doctor were available at all times in case of an emergency.

I salute them all, especially the captain of the team, the already-mentioned Collector Shri Bharat Yadav, who oversaw the organization so lovingly, peacefully and gracefully! He was applauded by all. Thanking him on behalf of all sannyasins, I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Appearances and presentations

Every day’s programme commenced with a scheduled one-hour meditation at 6.30 am and ended every evening at 10 pm. The sessions were led by Swami Anadi Anant. Naturally I, being 86 years of age, missed some of them. But I managed to reach the auditorium every day by 9.30 am.

Ma Amrit Sadhana’s arrival from Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune increased the joy of many. I missed her speech but appreciated the videos shown by her. As I had to go home to attend to my ailing wife, Yoga Sambodhi, I missed drummer Shiv Mani’s performance; my daughter, Kiran Bharti reported it had been brilliant!  Also, the readings by Surendra Sharma, Arun Gemini, Aash Karan Atal and Geeta Sagar, all renowned poets, were very well received.

On another occasion, Dr Shiv Kumar Tiwari who was Osho’s student and became an Asst Professor at the same Degree College where Osho had a tenure as a Professor, said with emotion that he is fortunate to have been his student for one year. Osho’s classes were attended by many students who were enrolled in other subjects. Former minister Shri Mukesh Naik said that according to him Osho is one of the three top Masters ever, and added the names of Krishna and Ashtavakra (revered Vedic sage) to Osho’s name. He has 627 out of 650 books by Osho in his personal library and quipped that he may not able to read all them while he is alive. He gave a very touching, thought-provoking speech, highlighting that Osho is the lone remedy for all the problems of the world.

Shri Manoj Shrivastava, Chief Secretary of ‘Adhyatma Vibhag’, the Spirituality Department of the M.P. Government, played a pivotal role in getting this event sanctioned by the appropriate ministers. His heartful speech received the biggest applause from the sannyasins. Even while writing this, I am unable to hold back my tears, making me stop typing again and again.

It appears that Shri Shrivastava has read all of Osho’s Hindi and English books and even those written about Osho. He quoted several rare rebellious thoughts by Osho from those books and mentioned in particular the book, ‘Bhagwan: The Most Godless Yet Most Godly Man.’ He remembered that Osho had been arrested in the USA without an arrest warrant and then, while slowly being moved through a number of jails was poisoned and subjected to radiation. He spoke with such concern and spirit that again the entire congregation stood up and called out with their hands raised, “Osho, Osho, Osho!” – and people burst into tears as I did too. He was very high-spirited and also questioned where the so-called U.N.O. was at that time. I salute him and bow down to him, to his intelligence, love and regard for Osho. Shri Shrivastava also said that the world has never seen a rebel like Osho. That he is the lone Master who  guides the whole world, speaking on all topics related to mankind.

Chief guest Divisional Commissioner Ravindra Kumar Mishra, said that Osho ignited the light of his rebellious thoughts for the entire planet and gave special recognition to this city. Collector Bharat Yadav welcomed Osho’s disciples from India and abroad, while Mayor Dr Swati Godbole declared that Jabalpur is the luckiest city on earth; Osho having lived here for such a long time gives a special recognition and glory to the city.

The stage was also graced by the presence of special guests MLA  Vinay Saxena, Dr Rajesh Dheervani, Swami Krishna Vedant (London), Kapil Tiwari, Seema Kapoor and Dr Nusrat Mehdi.

Also Shri Kapil Tiwari was applauded for his beautiful talk. He said that, after Buddha only Osho has brought real light of religiousness that quickly spread over the entire planet. And only his enlightened ideas can bring humanity out from the dark.

Writer and director Seema Kapoor related that her mother used to warn her that this man (Osho) would ruin her; despite that she continued meditating and reading Osho’s books and suggested that Osho’s meditations should become part of every activity in life. She declared that if an engineer becomes a meditator, the bridge he builds can never fall; and the same applies to all other areas of life.

With Sufi dance and many popular songs, Bollywood playback singer Rekha Bhardwaj took the sannyasins to high energy levels; many got up and started dancing. One of the many songs she performed was, Naino ki mat sunio re, Naina thag lenge. It means, “Don’t listen to your eyes, these eyes will fool you.” The audience went wild!

A drama based on Osho’s life, written by Swami Dev Siddhartha from Jabalpur, was enacted and appreciated by all.  Swami Prem Paras, who had flown in from Switzerland,  surprised the audience with his renderings of Sufi songs.

Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai said that whatever he has achieved in life is because of Osho. Reading or listening to him makes us fresh and fills us with renewed energy. He said that if a filmmaker inserted a quote by Osho in a dialogue of a film, it would become a hit; he also said that making a film about Osho is a very difficult task.

Renowned film script and dialogue writer Kamlesh Pande, who had met with Osho a long time ago in Jabalpur, said that credit goes to Osho for the growth in his life and that he always feels surrounded by Osho’s presence.

Senior advocate Narinder Pal Rooprah underlined that, in today’s age, to practice Osho’s meditations is a necessity if we want to stay on the right path; and added that this Osho Mahotsav added glory to Jabalpur.

Professor Dr Swami Ravi Prakash from Varanasi said that education should not depend on old thoughts, it should give the capacity to think. Education should be based on freedom, love and reverence for life. Right education will connect children with nature and when meditation is added, they will become peaceful, loving and really intelligent.

Chief guest during the third session was Shri Harsh Tiwari, Minister of Gramodyog (Department of Cottage & Rural Industries), while Cabinet Minister Shri Lakhan Ghanghoria was the chairman of the session. Shri Sammati Saini, a Congress leader, Collector Bharat Yadav and District Panchayat CEO Priyank Mishra were present as special guests. Every one of them made grand comments about Osho.

(As Osho’s disciple I feel that they could have recognized Osho earlier, when he was still in the body. However, better late than never.)

I found out that Swami Anand Aseem from Meerut was on an all-India bike tour with the mission to ask India’s educators to add meditation to the syllabus in order to create a better humanity.

All newspapers had full coverage on Osho Mahotsav with great quotes published every day. Just looking at the printed photographs of the luminous faces of Osho’s people raised people’s energy levels.

Shri Surendra Dubey of Naidunia gave the best reports. He is a great lover of Osho and I will present him with a complete set of my 19 Hindi books on and about Osho.

A request to one of the ministers who attended the function was made on the last day, namely that Bhawal Thal Park (presently called Bhanvartal), where Osho attained enlightenment on March 21, 1953, be known as Osho Garden. He promised that he would try to make arrangements for having the park renamed.

At the final hour, sannyasins danced so madly that my joy was continuously flowing through my tears. Osho is felt very much present in Jabapur, true to the promise he made on June 28, 1970. He had said that although he was moving to Bombay he was not leaving Jabalpur; he would return to disturb people’s sleep again and again.

The role of the many volunteers has also been of paramount importance. I appreciate their help even more because most of them were informed about the event at the very last moment. They did wonders: they were available at the Airport, Railway Station and Bus Stand from early morning to late hours. They had been deputed with different duties which they completed timely and gracefully. I say to them, “I am proud of you.” They were: Swami Anand Vibhor, Shri Anil Tiwari, Vineet Kumar, Anadi Anant, Govind Bharti, Kiran Bharti, Raghavendra Bharti and many others whose names are not known to me. It was my personal pleasure to meet many friends in this great Osho happening such as Swami Krishna Bharti from Satna, Swami Krishna Vedant from London, Ma Amrit Nisha, Ma Prem Apurvam, Swami Gopal Bharti, Swami Jivan Amod and hundreds of others. Forgive me for forgetting some of their names.

The entire program was a grand success. The Jabalpur venue turned into a great energy field full of Osho’s blessings, grace and luminosity.

Jabalpur trail

After the three days of the Osho Mahotsav, a Jabalpur trail was arranged by Shri Prashant Caurav and the Tourism Department. It started from Bhawal Thal Park (Bhanvartal) with ten buses and several private cars. Firstly, we enjoyed dancing near Osho’s maulshree tree, with breakfast also arranged there. Then we visited Yogesh Bhavan and Osho’s study hall, the walls of which, when Osho lived and studied there, could not be seen as they were covered with books, books and books.

Credit Webdunia Hindi

Later we reached the Government Mahakoshal Arts and Commerce College where Osho taught as a Professor from December 26, 1957 to January 14, 1967.  Its name was previously Robertson College. This College was the most prestigious in those days and the oldest in the province. It came into existence in 1836 at Sagar and was shifted to Jabalpur in 1873. After Independence in 1947, it was renamed as Govt. Mahakoshal Arts and Commerce Degree College and divided into two Colleges. The second was named Government Science College. The RDV University was established on June 12, 1956. But for many year the prestige and dignity of this College was much higher than the University, although it was affiliated with the University.

It took about two hours for all the sannyasins to see the library and the chair on which Osho used to sit and read books. The sannyasins danced for almost all the time accompanied by drumming, while thousands of students watched on. I am sure that now they will ask their professors about Osho.

Prof. Dr Rashmi Tondon of that College wrote in a message to me: “It was a beautiful, fantastic, highly motivating and memorable event that had been organized in Jabalpur, sir.”

Moving on from the College we left for Bedhaghat’s waterfall but before that the entire group of 500 sannyasins enjoyed dinner at Shri Prashant’s Courav Inter College which presently has 400 students from nursery to 12th class. It pleased me to see that the institution was equipped with 500 computers. The plan is to raise the College to University level. Every day, the children and most of the teaching staff meditate for one hour. I wished for him to be able to turn it soon into an Osho University!

We then continued and embarked to see the beautiful sight of the waterfall – and there too, sannyasins danced for more than an hour.

Finally, we were taken to Osho Amritdham Ashram which was founded in 1975 and inaugurated by Her Highness Princess of Rewa – a celebration where I was present. And then we danced in the Satori Temple of the Ashram… by that time it had become 7 pm. Kiran and I were tired and left for home with grateful hearts.

Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti is a regular contributor and the author of Blessed Days with Osho.

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