God has made man and war just for vultures!

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (126)


Osho in the Sixties

Everything changes except change,
only change is eternal.
But the human mind lives in the past –
and that is the confusion of all confusions.

One day the sky was filled with the clouds of war –
plane upon plane loaded with death.
Beasts, birds, worms and beetles –
all that could flee, fled.
Horses, donkeys, rats, sheep, dogs and cats, wolves –
all ran for their lives
and the paths and tracks were full of them.
As they fled, this multitude saw two vultures
sitting on a wall by the road.
Brothers! they cried to them. Flee! At once!
Man is on the warpath again.
The vultures just smiled. They knew!
One said: Since time immemorial man’s wars
have been good news for vultures.
Our ancestors have said so,
and so too our scriptures.
It is also our own experience.
In fact it is for the benefit of vultures
that God sends man to war!
God has made man and war just for vultures!
This said, the two vultures flew off towards the battle –
and in the next moment were blown to pieces by falling bombs.

If they had only known how things can change
over thousands of years.
But does even man himself realize this?


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