AIDS and Osho’s vision of human sexuality


Bhagawati writes about the latest AIDS statistics and introduces a very important Appendix to ‘Osho on Sexuality’, compiled by Nandan to further outline Osho’s vision on the many facets of human sexuality.

Aids virus

To this day, AIDS awareness has not yet reached every living person on this planet. A shocking number of estimated 8 million people do not even know they are infected with HIV.

HIV continues to be a major global public health issue, with more than 32 million people having contracted the virus. Major educational efforts to prevent the spread of HIV, better diagnosis and antiretroviral treatment have helped approximately 25 million people to stay alive while living with HIV.

AIDS Statistics

The disease has now become manageable while the threat of infection remains crucial. It has been noted that more than half of the new infections are among high-risk groups and their sexual partners.

“If you look outside sub-Saharan Africa it is 75%,” said Ninan Varughese, acting  director of  UNAIDS, about the infection rates.  “For example, more than 95% of new infections in Central Asia and Eastern Europe are among key populations.”

He said the risk of being infected with HIV is 22 times higher among homosexual men and intravenous drug users, 21 times higher for sex workers, and 12 times higher for transgender persons.

Another demographic group that is seeing an upward trend is adolescent sub-Saharan African women and girls, with 6,000 new infections each week among those between the ages of 15 and 24. Much more sex education needs to be given.

Nirbija, in his recent essential article about the present global AIDS situation, AIDS awareness is rising – as are health costs, reported point by point about the latest facts and of Osho’s input to this global health threat.

At the same time, a massive research project into Osho’s discourses on sexuality (including homosexuality and AIDS) by Nandan and Satyamo in Holland was concluded and posted both in Dutch and English language on the website Vrienden van Osho.

I gladly report that Nandan has expanded his compilation ‘Osho on Sexuality’ by adding an Appendix (PDF) with many more intriguing excerpts by Osho on love, sex, orgasm, celibacy, meditation and witnessing. Last but not least Osho’s insistence that for people to become really mature starts with the sexual education of children, which even today is still a taboo.

Nandan said, “The Appendix is a contribution to a further and deeper understanding of Osho’s vision of human sexuality.”

The research by Vrienden van Osho:
English: Osho on sexuality –
Dutch: Osho over heteroseksualiteit, homoseksualiteit en transcendentie van beide –

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