Satgyano Lorini


(10 November 1943 – 11 January 2020)


Harsha and Pavan Gramminger write:

What can we say about you? After 32 years together, we miss you incredibly.

You have not always been available in recent years, but when you were with us you were 100% present, and there for us.

In my memory you were a person with an infinite heart, a never-ending kindness and a deep loving human warmth.

I learned from you to open my heart, to show feelings, that everything is ok how it is, that we should not judge or condemn a person, because we do not know what is really going on inside them, and where they are at in their inner growth.

I have seen you as a great healer with and without acupuncture needles; your patients adored you because you listened to them without judgment, but with an open heart. You generously gave them your healing energy and were there for them in every situation.

We often saw you annoyed at home when the phone didn’t stop ringing and one patient after the other called, but then you answered the call and were immediately 100% a listener and a doctor again.

You fully accepted Pavan as your real son and loved him from the first minute. You led him, supported him and always encouraged him. You took him aside and talked man to man, kept secrets for yourselves, laughed, messed around, shared life. In all circumstances you were his soul mate, his ally. Pavan especially loved the stories from your childhood and your studies. Then you both held your stomach and laughed out loud.

Even if there were times when money was tight, it was important to give great joy with small gifts and to enjoy ourselves together with Pavan.

Osho was your master and you never made it a secret. Since your initiation you have been inseparable from your master.

We are filled with gratitude that we could share our love with you in this life and were able to share everything with each other. Our encounter was a cosmic incidence.

Satgyano’s sannyas darshan

(To Giuseppe) This is your new name: Swami Satgyano. Satgyano means true knowing.

The false knowing is borrowed, the true knowing is intrinsic. The false knowing comes from the outside and the true knowing arises within you; it is your own treasure, it is your own kingdom. The false knowing can be taken away, the true knowing cannot be taken away from you. Even death cannot separate you from your true knowing.

That is the only treasure that we can take beyond death. Everything else will be left behind. So all the trouble that we take in accumulating other things ultimately proves to be futile. It proves to be simply a wastage of time and energy. Only those few moments in which you worked for your inner exploration are saved.

Meditation is the way to explore inwards. From now onwards, focus your energies on meditation, give as much time and energy to meditation as you can manage, because all else is futile: At the most it keeps you occupied, at the most it is just entertainment; at the worst it is a nightmare.

Osho, Dance Til the Stars Come Down From the Rafters, Ch 6 (unpublished) – 6 January 1980

Send-off Celebration

Satgyano’s send-off will take place today, 1st February 2020.


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Beloved Satgyano,

I find it funny to write to you in English (we always spoke Italian) but I want everybody to know what a a great man you were in this passage on planet earth. And a great friend and a great doctor.

We had so much fun together and we also shared very intimate feelings. With you I always felt accepted and valued, a quality that I have very rarely experienced in a male friend.

You loved women, in fact I should say that you loved THE WOMAN.

I remember when I first meet you in Poona 1. Doctor Lorini, the psychiatrist from Torino. I was surprised to see someone like you in Poona, but then I realized that your love for Osho was total and it has stayed like that all the time.

First I encountered your jovial personality, always ready to crack a joke and laugh, but when I got to know you better I came in touch with your delicate and human sensitivity.

Your capacity to help and support people in your work as a doctor was extraordinary. You were what a real doctor should be, capable of touching the soul of your patients. My old mother was your patient for a few years and she told me that she had felt understood by you in a way that she had never experienced before. Chapeau!

I think of you and tears come to my eyes; I want to cry for the loss of my dear friend, but Osho would say ‘this is not the way’… In fact the way is to celebrate your beauty, your laughter and your loving heart!!!

I feel honored to have had you as a close friend and I will miss you.

I know you are somewhere telling jokes about all of us…

With love,
Ma Prem Mita


We loved each other the first moment we saw each other. You no English, me no Italiano. But your smile, your laughter, your childlike innocence – so rare for a shrink – won me over. Though we have not seen each other for decades, you are still in my heart, and I celebrate your transition to the unknowable.

With love,


The ancient time.
Thanks Satgyano
Buon Viaggio,
Sw Nirav Rukma


Quante risate, alcune anche macabre… Mi piegavo in due!
Buon viaggio, caro compagno di viaggio.

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