‘Wild Wild Country’ Group Resolves Netflix Copyright Claims

'Wild Wild Country'

In an unexpected development, OIF submitted a Motion to Dismiss the case with prejudice, writes Blake Brittain. Published in Bloomberg Law on February 6, 2020. (Our post also includes the Court document.)

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The successor to the religious group [OIF] at the center of Netflix‘s documentary “Wild Wild Country” dropped its copyright claims against Netflix, the filmmakers, and media outlets that posted stills from the movie.

The Osho International Foundation had sued in November based on the alleged use of its materials in the film without permission, calling the film “little more than a repackaging of content purloined from other authors and filmmakers.”

The court docketed Osho’s motion to dismiss the case with prejudice Wednesday [February 5, 2020]. Doniger/Burroughs, the firm that represents Osho, told Bloomberg Law Thursday that the case has been resolved.

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