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Osho’s letter to Krishna Saraswati, dated 17.9.1971, later published in A Cup of Tea.

letter to Krishna Saraswati 17.9.1971
Osho’s letter to Krishna Saraswati 17.9.1971

Dear Krishna Saraswati,

Love. Death is everywhere; but everyone deceives himself that it is not for him.

This is the greatest and the deepest deception the human mind is capable of.

And unless one is constantly aware of this fact one is bound to be a victim of this deception – because the mind goes on giving very beautiful and logical rationalizations up to the very end.

I have heard about a ninety-year-old man who got into a bitter argument with his shoemaker as to how a pair of shoes should be made, “See here,” said the shoemaker, “what’s the idea of doing so much yapping? You are past ninety and there is little chance of your living long enough to wear these shoes out.”

The old fellow looked sternly at the shoemaker and said, “Apparently you are not aware that statistics prove that very few people die after ninety years of age.”


Published as letter 313 in A Cup of Tea

Thanks for scan to Anuragi

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