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Azima writes on the nature of the new coronavirus, its origins and how to strengthen the immune system.

Due to the nature of the subject and ongoing changes in scientific results, please note the date of publication of this article.

coronavirus structure

After working for many years as a doctor in the commune’s medical centre, I somehow still feel responsible for the health of my sannyasin friends world-wide and thought it appropriate to inform them about the current global situation.

Definition of a virus

In microbiology, a living being is defined as having a metabolism (if it breathes), if it has exchanges with the external environment, and if it is able to reproduce itself by transmitting information to its own offspring. These qualities are the basis of the biological concept of what life is.

A virus has only one of these traits: it can reproduce itself. A virus has no metabolism with molecular exchanges and does not breathe unlike bacteria and all other cells (be they human, animal or vegetation). A virus is not a living thing and is only activated when it finds the right soil – to reproduce. (See more about viruses on

It is therefore fundamental to understand that the virulence of this epidemic depends mainly on the ‘soil’ that the virus will find, i.e. it will depend on how strong a person’s immune system and general energy is. If the soil that is being infected is harmonious and balanced, even if the person does contract the virus, it will only result in slight flu symptoms.

To have a clearer picture it is also useful to be aware of the size of a virus: let’s say a cell in the human body is the size of a building with hundreds of apartments, a bacterium would then only have the size of a small studio apartment, while a virus would only be as big as an ashtray inside that studio.

RNA and DNA viruses and their mutation

As we have seen, a virus is tiny, behaves like a parasite and has one function only: that of reproduction. This reproduction happens via two molecules, RNA or DNA. The main virus classifications are: either they have a DNA molecule like herpes or papilloma, or an RNA molecule like coronaviruses or flu viruses. (More about RNA viruses, see

The DNA double helix consists of nucleic acids; wherever it is – in a cell, in a bacterium or in a virus – it works like a hard disk. The RNA molecule, in contrast, can be likened to a software programme.

It is important to know that a coronavirus with its RNA structure has a heightened potential to mutate and transform itself as it spreads. This makes it much less dangerous than a DNA virus which has more of a stable structure. [But, because they mutate more frequently, our defence system might always lag behind to catch up. Ed.]

The epidemic should gradually, within a few months, decrease in intensity because it will encounter many antibodies that have in the meantime been produced in the bodies of healthy people.

Keywords about this epidemic

walking in the woods

To strengthen our ‘soil’, our immune system, and fight off the virus we can:

  • Take high doses of vitamin C and D3. I would recommend: 3 grs of vitamin C (1 gr three times a day) and 2000 UI of vitamin D3 a day.
  • Don’t eat meat or fowl, but more legumes, carbohydrates and fresh seasonal fruit as desired.
  • Drink at least 1,5 litres of water a day.
  • Get a lot of sun and fresh air and stay indoors as little as possible.

Like everything in life, good can come out of something bad. From a NASA study, we can clearly see that because the Chinese economy has suffered a sudden stop, with people shut in their homes and factories working at only 30% capacity, the CO2 pollution has drastically reduced, as the graphs show.

Also, fear and anxiety are enemies of the immune system. Our beloved Master’s teaching to ‘Enjoy Life’ and ‘Be happy with yourself,’ becomes also therapeutic in this case.

Prediction how the virus will spread

According the World Health Organization (WHO), the epidemic will peak in March and then subside, exactly because of the above-mentioned molecular structure of the virus.

Pollution in Wuhan

Origin of the virus

As far as I understand, this virus with this particular genome, does not exist in nature. There are other kinds of coronaviruses in nature, but this particular type, Sars-CoV-2 from Wuhan in China, did not exist in nature. It is a virus born out of genetic manipulation – a virus that the greatest part of the population will, in the coming years, come in contact with! (See comment below.)

Wuhan is one of the four most important railway hubs in the People’s Republic of China. Wuhan is also the location of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In 2015, the Institute opened the first biosafety level 4 (BSL–4) laboratory (a very dangerous level) to be built in mainland China.

This laboratory, however, was opened not only with subsidies from the Chinese, but also from the French government, and is also managed by the WHO, i.e. not only with funds from China but also from Europe and America. (More on this laboratory and the outbreak see

In 2015, a type of milder coronavirus had been patented and registered in the USA, that could then be available for research starting from 2018 – it is important to note that the company that registered it has the majority share capital with the British government.

Last summer, The Scientist reported about a scandal when it came to light that a parcel with lethal viruses had been sent from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada to Wuhan in March 2019, without giving prior notice to the Chinese security services.

Now, beyond conspiracy theories, this epidemic breaks out right in Wuhan, the location of the largest Chinese laboratory researching lethal viruses. If the virus (patented and registered years ago, and possibly manipulated further) was released voluntarily or unintentionally is unknown, yet it is certain it turned up coming from the Wuhan laboratory.

Scientists in Wuhan laboratory

My conclusion

Today, wars are fought with various scenarios and the enemy is no longer faced with a naked sword, face to face, but with low blows launched at the economic system of a nation; low blows that can, in a short time, destroy a nation though economic manoeuvres (e.g. Greece a few years back, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.).

Personally, I see this epidemic/pandemic as an economic game between the old Western powers, mainly USA, Israel and the Arab States, against a new, very powerful economic power, China, which began to compete with the USA during the last two decades. (China owns almost a fifth of the U.S. debt owned by foreigners.)

There is a fight between the old and new power, and neither can give in to the other easily. We will therefore most likely see many catastrophic scenarios in upcoming years, not only because of natural phenomena as in 2019, but also socio-economic ones.

Osho spoke several times about the many difficult challenges mankind will be facing and the necessity to wake up. We are now in the midst of one of these mass upheavals and Osho’s message remains firm and clear as the only bulwark to all this suffering.

Only by going inside ourselves in meditation can we find joy and the energy to celebrate this magnificent gift, Life.

Thank you, Osho.

Translated by Osho News – 7.2.2020 corrected that DNA and RNA is made from nucleic and not amino acids as earlier stated, added editor’s note and highlighted importance of strong immune system; 14.4.2020 corrected COVID-19 to Sars-CoV-2, when referred to the name of the virus – COVID-19 being the name of the respiratory syndrome it causes, much as Aids is to HIV.

Comment 18 March 2020 by Sugit:

As a biologist, I think it is highly unlikely that it is a virus born out of genetic manipulation. Reason: if there was GM, that would – 100% sure – leave a mark in the virus’ genome. And as this virus is being tested and retested, it would have already come to light. It is also seen as very unlikely or impossible by specialists like Michal Osterholm. For a layman’s interview, see Joe Rogan Experience #1439 – Michael Osterholm. For a more detailed analysis, see The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 in Nature Medicine (17 March 2020)

Also see (added by Osho News): The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 in Nature Medicine, published 17 March 2020

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Azima is a retired MD, writer and speaker.