The spiritual message of the virus


Azima reflects on the opportunity the pandemic is offering to everyone who had to Stop!

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The collective mind, that is the mind of the common man, has always been focused and identified exclusively with the mechanics of life and the pleasures of matter, completely forgetting that the body/matter has within itself an energy that sustains and nourishes it. It also fails to recall that this energy is part of an immense energy universe, which includes billions of human and other beings, animals, plants and billions of galaxies. This Energy/Consciousness has no mathematical and rational laws that govern it, but laws that go beyond human understanding, laws that are part of the Immense Mystery of Life.

We call this mass of thoughts, behavioural and moral codes – stratified for millennia – the ‘collective mind’; and in the individual, the ‘ego’, which bases life solely and exclusively on Survival. The individual now needs to make a leap of awareness, needs to start living in the world looking at it with different eyes, that not only see the Scientific Materialism, but focus the meaning of their personal and social life on the mystery inherent in life itself, a mystery that, as such, can never be revealed neither by materialistic science nor by modern technologies.

The Enlightenment and Neoliberal Capitalism have created a totally sick man and a sick planet on which an influenza virus has triggered – and exposes – all the weaknesses and limitations of the social structures we have created over the past 200 years.

The Covid-19 infection forces millions of human beings to… Stop… look inside themselves… scrutinize their life – that until now was lived in anxiety, fear, falsehood, making themselves do things they didn’t really want to, following the masses without ever asking, “Is this the life I want for me and my children?”

One billion, and there will be more in the next weeks, are forced to Stop… to Live the Moment… to Live the Here and Now. No Buddha has ever managed to realize such a Gurdjieffian STOP!

And this is happening because it is no longer enough merely for a handful of humans to become more conscious and realize their own divinity. It is no longer enough because the planet itself is at risk; all animals are at risk of extinction, and the sixth Mass Extinction has been confirmed for years through scientific research. Millions of young people pushed by Greta Thurnberg have taken to the streets all over the world in the last years, to say, “STOP … STOP … STOP this crazy machine of Neoliberal Capitalism – because the human race is at risk.”

But a true change never happened; so many meetings, such as G7 G8 G20 G100 G1000 did nothing but discuss, as if such a pressing problem could be procrastinated ad infinitum.

But after these many international meetings and after the shouted demands of millions of people who, for decades, have been denouncing the Capitalist system that crushes everything in order to make Profit, even now in 2020 we have not really turned the page. Hence a microscopic coronavirus emerged on the planet to show us humans – benighted by accomplishments, mobility, new electronic gadgets, and especially obfuscated by social hypnosis – that Life is Fragile… that Life is a Momentary Gift… that the Human Body as well as the Body of the Planet are Fragile… and that life is Love and not Money. Because even if you have millions of dollars, Death will not spare you.

The coming few years are going to be very significant years in man’s history. Now a handful of people will be of no help in spiritual matters. Unless a mighty spirituality is born, unless a mighty and massive spiritual movement sweeps the earth, making its impact on millions of people, it will be impossible to save the world from the mire of materialism. It will be a very, very momentous period in man’s life; the coming fifty years are going to be fateful and decisive. Either religion will live, or stark irreligion, all that is against religion, will live. […]

The struggle that has been going on from time immemorial has reached its moment of decision. And looking at the situation as it obtains at present, there is not much hope. But I am not disappointed because it seems to me that very soon a simple and natural and easy way can be found which will revolutionize the lives of millions of people spiritually. A few individuals can be of no help in the present times. In olden times it was enough if only one person became enlightened. Now this won’t do. In view of the tremendous explosion of population taking place in the world, a few individuals cannot do a thing. Now something tangible can be possible only if, commensurate with the huge population, hundreds of thousands of people are influenced and involved in spiritualism. And it is possible as I see it.

Osho, In Search of the Miraculous, Ch 8, Q 2

Millions of people have now the possibility to connect with their Heart, millions of people have to change the way they live, millions of people can begin to meditate and understand that the Love we have been born with is already within us. Since the day we were born it has been within us, but society has destroyed it; priests and religions have destroyed our spiritual love and politicians and the financial system have destroyed our body/mind with stress and pollution.

It has now become secondary to try and figure out the origins of the virus in view of the opportunity it has created: the opportunity to go inside ourselves, to stop and ask, What meaning has our life that we’ve lived so far?

Translated from Italian by Osho News

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Azima is a retired MD, writer and speaker.

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