Electrical currents and influences


A quote by Rudolf Steiner.

In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences, it was easier to be human… For this reason, in order to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.

But it does not occur to me to be reactionary and say something like: Well then, we must banish all these modern achievements! That’s not the objective. Modern human beings need the access to the spirit that spiritual science provides, so that through this strong experience of the spirit they can also become stronger in relation to the forces that accompany modern culture, the forces that harden our physical body and take it away from us.


Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (1861 – 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, economist, esotericist and claimed clairvoyant. Steiner first began speaking publicly about spiritual experiences and phenomena in his 1899 lectures to the Theosophical Society. In 1904, Steiner was appointed by Annie Besant to be leader of the Theosophical Esoteric Society for Germany and Austria. Beginning in 1910, he described aspects of karma relating to health, natural phenomena and free will, taking the position that a person is not bound by his or her karma, but can transcend this through actively taking hold of one’s own nature and destiny.

Comment by Osho News: Rudolf Steiner spoke about this in 1917… and now all on this planet are constantly engulfed by all things electrical, microwaves and radiation – and 5G…

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