International Meditation Day Celebrated on Vesak (Buddha Jayanti)

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As the Super Moon of Buddha Purnima 2020 illuminates a planet under lockdown, we celebrate an important update – by Deva Dosa.

While the world is on lockdown, seekers and centers around the world can meditate-in-place and enjoy the fast-growing virtual sangha.

All are invited to gather on Facebook, find a Meetup, or log in to Zoom to celebrate International Meditation Day, as founded by Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, on the full moon night of Buddha Vesak, this year falling on May 7.

Arun’s historic United Nations proposal to the Nepali government in 2017 for the “Messengers of Peace” program was adopted by districts in the State of Virginia in 2019. With efforts led by Subarna Panta and the Nepal Community Building group in the Washington, DC, area, government representatives gathered last year to learn about the value of meditation and its numerous benefits for a stressed-out world.

The topic of meditation practice is timely, especially since the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts depression will be the leading cause of disease burden by 2030. In the historic proclamation signing, Arun, a Templeton Prize Candidate cited for spiritual and humanitarian entrepreneurship, spoke about the problem of increasing global stressors and how meditation can help on a global basis.

Program topics included secular meditation practice as prescribed by numerous board-certified medical professionals and recognized by leading science and medical journals to promote physical, mental, emotional and an overall sense of wellbeing; to relieve suffering, reduce stress, suicidal and violent tendencies; assist in overcoming addictions, and more. Attending government and community leaders took note that secular meditation is a free and effective solution with no known side effects and is applicable, regardless of religion and belief system.

In historical and political terms, it is fascinating that people from the distant land of Nepal have successfully inspired districts in Virginia to adopt the formal proclamation for an International Meditation Day.

As the first colony to settle in America in 1607, Virginia was also first in the USA to have districts endorse legislation for the global meditation day. District 33 Representative of the Virginia Senate, Jennifer Boysko remarked that International Meditation Day as per American legislation was a big achievement.

Facilitating the proclamation signing, Subarna Panta, E.E., felt motivated to somehow help the worldwide problems of humanity. He commented, “International Meditation Day addresses the global crisis, and meditation is the best way for large numbers of people to get through a crisis. I saw the importance of this day to help save humanity. I saw that if people meditate globally, we can have world peace. Hopefully, our political leaders will be effective in obtaining proclamation signing by the United Nations.”

Arun, a long-time Osho disciple, author and founder of Osho Tapoban, recently said, “If the world leaders did yoga and meditation every day, world peace would happen naturally.”

Similarly, Panta added, “If all leaders of all countries learn yoga and meditation, we can make a great impact globally when everyone joins together to meditate a few minutes for inner peace and global peace.”

Panta expressed gratitude to Arun, and all leaders and participants, especially Democratic leader Hari Sharma, Krishnananda of Osho Nirvana Meditation Center, Engineer/Meditation Teacher Anand Arhat, and Sandesh Panta E.E. for their help and support for International Meditation Day. Panta also acknowledged a few miracles in overcoming difficulties to make this remarkable event happen, including a snowstorm that mysteriously disappeared from the special day’s weather forecast.

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Article by Deva Dosa

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