Even the negative thought creates its own reality


An excerpt from a darshan: “Thought is a creative force; it is good not to think negatively.”

Osho in Darshan 1977

Virochina, a little boy of somewhere around three years old, comes forward with his mother, Durga, ostensibly to receive a mala. Hello Virochina! says Osho. You need a mala? Virochina’s shy and turns away from Osho’s smiling face and stares at the group instead. That’s what happens to everybody, says Osho – come on!

Osho waits patiently, holding the little mala in his hands. By and by Virochina succumbs to the charms of the camera-clicking KB [Krishna Bharti] and starts towards him. Look here! says Osho, and leaning forwards, gently tickles the nape of his neck, then takes hold of Virochina’s little arm and pulls him closer. Your mala! He says, and slips the mala over Virochina’s neck. It catches on Virochina’s ear, hangs there for a few moments then plops into position.

Mission accomplished, Osho turns to address Durga while Virochina sprawls in his mother’s lap, as relaxed as only cats and kids can be. Durga says she’s afraid of Virochina getting sick while they are here and so she is reluctant to do groups….

No, no, he will not get sick; no need to be afraid. He will not get sick, mm? And if you are too much afraid your fear can create something. It is better never to think about the negative, because if you think about the negative you create a situation for it. Even the negative thought creates its own reality. If you think too much that he is going to get ill, then you are constantly giving out a vibration and you are constantly looking for some illness. If you look long enough you will find one and if you think long enough, you will create one. Thought is a creative force; it is good not to think negatively.

The best thing is not to think at all, the next best thing is to think positively, but negatively, never. There is no problem… there is no problem.

You will not be able to do any groups it seems? So you just enjoy… but drop this idea. He is not going to be ill – now he is my sannyasin!

Osho, The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline), Ch 9

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