Some sage advice re lockdown

Satire / Comedy

Shinvani Raval’s sentiments on FB. Posted on May 7, 2020.

Bored cat

This lock-down is getting old
and frankly I’ve had enough…

I’ve discussed the matter
over a cup of coffee with
the kitchen sink, and we both
agree that the experience is

I didn’t mention anything
to the washing machine as
she puts a wrong spin on

Same with the fridge. He
only gives cold comfort.

I asked the lamp but she
couldn’t shed any light
on the new situation.

The vacuum cleaner was
rather rude and told me to
suck it up.

The threshold was no
better, it suggested
I get over it.

The carpet advised me
to sweep my feelings
under the rug.

But the fan was more
upbeat and thought that
the crisis would soon blow

The toilet looked a bit flushed
and didn’t offer an opinion.

The wall didn’t say a word
either, just gave me a blank stare.

The door knob was more
forthcoming – told me
to get a firm grip on the
situation and move on.

The front door declared
I was unhinged and so the
curtains told me to…
you guessed it right – pull
myself together.

Then the chair told me
to table it, and the table
remarked, I didn’t have a
leg to stand on.

When I told the table to
break a leg, the mirror said
that my comments reflected
poorly on my thinking.

However, in the end, the iron
straightened things out.

She said everything will be fine.
No situation is too pressing
for long anyways!!!

Image by Jeffrey Blum at Unsplashed

Thanks to Anand Kul Bhushan

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