The glass sphere

Remembering Here&Now

While working as a guard at Lao Tzu Gate, Arjuna recalls a tremendously deep teaching by Osho.

Osho Resort Garden

I once saw Osho’s insistence in action as a Lao Tzu guard posted at the Rolls Royce parking place (once the original darshan place). French Avesh had set up three glass pillars with three different styles of glass balls atop them. One of these was going to top the pillars on the pathways around Buddha Hall that emitted green lights. Osho came out of Lao Tzu House not long after discourse to examine them.

Those moments were a tremendously deep “teaching” for me. The “sutra” of the Master’s movements completely in the moment. He burned it in my memory. So totally relaxed but intensely in the moment was he. A whole universe of “moment.”

I was standing at the pillars. The “invisible” guard watching a few feet away.

His full attention moved to the third, frosty ball.

My favorite.

He took it up in both hands.

His hands! Every detail, down to pores and hairs and golden brownness. Every attentive muscle-move. Every eyeing moment of his Stillness in motion.

He gently put it back down on the glass pillar, turned to Avesh and with that quiet voice so near yet so far, far away, told Avesh this is the one.

He was face to face with Avesh, who had his back to me but from my place of observation at the pillar, I could see Osho’s face fully and the side of Avesh’s face.

Osho was telling him to get to work setting up the glass pillars with this version of the balls on top of them. Suddenly, Osho became full-up from toes to head, Insistence Incarnated!

The tone of his voice as it deepened only slightly rose in volume but it hit my whole body like a roar from a lion.

I can’t remember the exact words but the message was a sudden insistence at the end to get it done NOW! Don’t fool around!

Avesh kindly and easily nodded saying, “Yes, yes…”

And then the next shock happened.

One could call it harsh.

The ego would call it harsh.

But if you could look beyond the ego it was the master in perfect moment-to-moment action.

After Avesh acknowledged gracefully the rebuke, Osho just turned away from him. In that instance of doing so, it was as if Avesh no longer existed. Erased from attention.

The next universal moment was the walking of Osho up the stairs to the big wooden door.

If one was not a part of that “In”-tention attention, you would think Osho was cold and you’d be wrong.

Completely egoistically, feeding-the-falsehood of separate-from-the-holy wrong.

I stood near the pillar quite inwardly in awe and shaken at seeing Osho be the insistent lion, silent-roaring.

Avesh came up to me, ever easy-going, and told me to take the glass ball up to a cabinet that was a long way down the marble driveway that took a left turn until you finally came before Lao Tzu gate and the main guard post there.

I couldn’t help but ask, “Does he ALWAYS talk to you like that?”

That stopped Avesh for a moment. He looked to the side remembering. Smiled and nodded his head sideways shrugging with an ironic smile, “Yeah, yeah…” (no big deal).

Then the third shock.

How was I going to carry that frosted glass ball? That sphere of glass that Osho had just held and irradiated with all his attention.

I approached it slowly. Grabbed it with all the tension – as attention let go of the tension – each moment-to-moment mustered.

I walked slowly down the marble driveway like an overfilled tea cup trying not to spill a drop, neither to crush the sphere in my hands, nor hold it too softly letting it fall and break on the marble.

The journey of 100 yards that had felt like a thousand miles ended. I safely set it in the cabinet at the Lao Tzu Gate main guard post.

With the seasoning of moments a’meditating, I watch myself more and more settling into the teaching of the Lion Master’s moment-to-momentness. That brief, and close encounter of simple actions. Just picking and choosing one of three glass spheres, the sudden appearance within that body of the lion’s roar at Avesh and the instant it was profoundly over, a’walking up the steps back into the house…

The memory of it grows with the passing decades. It is now a remembrance deepening of every moment’s movement, action or inaction, in my night and days.

It is simply “this.”

To be “presence” in whatever is happening or not happening.

To move, to breathe to be…



Arjuna is an expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus, speaker and author of 1,000+ articles and 49 published books published in 22 languages.

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