The Tarot of the Traveller: The Jack of Clubs


Veeno’s Tarot reading: The Jack of Clubs symbolizes the unconscious and shows possibilities for breakthroughs by bringing awareness, coupled with creative ideas, into mechanical patterns.

The Fortuneteller
Adèle Kindt (1804-1884) The Fortuneteller (1835)

The Tarot of the Traveller is a project by Veeno. She has deepened her understanding of reading Tarot cards through many years. Regularly, she shares her insights into one card of a deck with traditional playing cards, as it was allegedly used by the Romani. In this process, she lets her creativity fly, using contemporary Mandala creations and stories. Be part of this wonderful process!

Today, we look at:

The Jack of Clubs

Not a person:
The card symbolizes the unconscious.

Defence and attack in all possible forms.
But also:
Readiness to break through. The willingness to bring awareness into play during conflicts, coupled with creative ideas.
Openness for clarifying conversations instead of reacting as usual.

Here I am, the Jack of Clubs. A lot of people are scared of me. They experience me as an exorbitant influencer or as a nasty creature. Out of me come tantrums, jibes, impatience, hostility, bullying, jealousy – simply everything that squirts out of you in certain moments. Even small sarcastic insults in conversations I provoke in you. Yes, it’s scary, I have to admit, I’m hard to control. But today I want to let you look behind the scenes. Try to understand me:

I am your servant, and a very, very obedient one. I work according to programs that were implanted in me during your childhood and adolescence. One calls me the unconscious! With my strategies you once defended and protected yourself.

What is inappropriate today in adulthood, the jealousy, the anger and all that rubbish, was somehow okay in childhood. Rumbling around, making noise, scolding, being angry – the little ones are easily forgiven.

But now, as an adult? Where to put all this? Often people try to control me, suppress me, stuff my old programs down, with a lot of effort. Sometimes it works for a while. But then again, everything goes back to the old way.

However, if you understand that I am your servant, then there is a simple solution:

The magic word is consciousness.

Consciousness naturally brings creativity and change into play.

Become aware that your automatised reactions come from times long past. Henceforth you have the chance to transform this misused energy into healthy behavior. Henceforth, old patterns of behavior will give you room for balanced action. Henceforth, you can decide each time anew how you want to respond to humiliation, attack or fear.

This is the breakthrough!

With consciousness this liberated energy is suddenly available for your life: for peace, for kindness, for love and ease in dealing with yourself and others.

The Jack of Clubs: Breakthrough. Mandala by Veeno.
The Jack of Clubs: Breakthrough. Mandala by Veeno.

Veeno lives in Switzerland. She has been a sannyasin since 1984 and her inspiring creativity finds its way into many forms in her life.

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